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Turn Wait Time to Create Time [New Feature]

We have a customer that’s a big-time player in the hospitality industry. They’re receiving hundreds – often thousands – of requests for images per week from all over the place: travel booking sites, the media, internal sales and more. Those requests end up taking around 70 working hours per week to... Read More

DAM Report Names WebDAM an Industry Leader

Our customers really are the best. G2 Crowd just released its digital asset management (DAM) grid report which measures a) performance based on reviews from authenticated users and b) market presence determined by revenue, market share, social media impact, etc. This is the first time in the history of... Read More

How to Measure DAM ROI

As marketing organizations become more technologically driven, digital asset management (DAM) systems are evolving into an essential part of the technical infrastructure. To create impactful brand interactions across a highly fragmented media landscape, marketers must rely on an extended network of collaborators and technology platforms. DAMs are not just the... Read More

Metadata? BETTA DATA

Finding the right image is rarely easy. Often what we’re looking for isn’t searchable – things like mood, color, style. You either get too many results, or not enough. Sometimes it’s the way assets are organized and managed. And sometimes it’s simply because it’s difficult to remember the title... Read More

Elmer’s Knows a Lot About Creating a Sticky Brand

There’s something special about companies that stand the test of time. Very few brands last a year, let alone 70. Elmer’s is one of those brands that people are really stuck on. As a heritage brand, you might think they would just “stick” with what they know. But their commitment... Read More

Build-a-Brutus Contest

There is a place on everyone’s desk for that holiday-themed tchotchke. That little something to share the spirit of the season. Something to accessorize the plain expanse of your desk. A way to add a little bit of you to otherwise corporate surroundings. If you haven’t already got the snow... Read More

Now Available: Webinar On New Intuitive Analytics, UI, WCMS & More!

Our latest webinar recording is now available!  Watch the webinar to get an insightful overview and training on the newest features in WebDAM.  Learn how to increase visibility in your DAM with new analytics, create custom pages with the new integrated Web CMS, automatically convert videos with the enhanced multimedia... Read More

Now Available: Training Webinar for the New WebDAM Experience

If you weren’t able to make the live training webinar, the recording is now available to our DAM community. This training covers the exciting new functionality and feature enhancements that we just rolled out. Learn how to utilize all of the new innovations that are guaranteed to save you time... Read More

Introducing the WebDAM Partner Program. Bring Others to Cloud.

WebDAM plays nice with others. We’ve invested in building a partner program so that others can benefit from WebDAM’s cutting-edge DAM cloud platform and unsurpassed customer service — a top choice by marketing professionals throughout the world. As a business, we know you spend a lot of time evaluating, implementing,... Read More

Why My Grandma Knows the Term “Cloud Computing”

How do you know when a company is ready to upgrade to a forward-thinking and well-adopted technology? It’s simple – when it’s gone from being an industry buzzword to something that even grandparents know about. I’m going to share why my Grandma now knows the term “cloud”. Sophisticated cloud technologies... Read More

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