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Cloud Computing – The Most Cost-Efficient Software Choice For Today’s Businesses

When you’re weighing the costs and benefits of different IT services – particularly between traditional on-premise vendors and newer, cloud-based solutions – it’s not always clear which choice will end up saving you money in the long run. Legacy IT service providers argue that their higher up-front costs are more... Read More

DAM March Mania — WebDAM Shoots and Scores

YAY!!! The madness in March is upon us. We’re excited to have 15 university customers participating in the National Collegiate Championship this season. For those of you who are not familiar with the Basketball Tournament, it’s when college basketball enters the crazy sprint of single-elimination games for a chance to... Read More

It’s Proven! The Cloud Improves Business Sustainability

Businesses are constantly adopting new ways to become more efficient, save money, and even reduce their carbon footprint.  Being “sustainability conscious” is a trend we’ve been seeing a lot more of in recent years.  We have witnessed an exponential increase in environmental influence occur in our lifetimes, and now people are exploring... Read More

Why My Grandma Knows the Term “Cloud Computing”

How do you know when a company is ready to upgrade to a forward-thinking and well-adopted technology? It’s simple – when it’s gone from being an industry buzzword to something that even grandparents know about. I’m going to share why my Grandma now knows the term “cloud”. Sophisticated cloud technologies... Read More

The Battle Between Cloud & On-Premise: 5 Things to Consider

Each day, I speak to dozens of IT & Marketing professionals who share their preferences, strategies, and opinions around cloud solutions vs on-premise solutions.  For others who are still a bit cloudy about the differences between cloud vs. on-premise (aka, installed on your servers) software, I’ve compiled these lessons-learned and... Read More

WebDAM in Print! KMWorld Publishes DAM Article Featuring WebDAM

KMWorld is one of the technology industry’s most trusted voices on the topic of content, document, and knowledge management. When KMWorld talks, IT professionals listen — and when KMWorld talks about digital asset management, we’re happy to say that WebDAM is a significant part of it. Judith Lamont, Ph.D., regularly... Read More

Join WebDAM at the 2012 Henry Stewart DAM LA Conference

The Henry Stewart DAM LA Conference is fast approaching and anyone involved with DAM is strongly recommended to attend. Many intelligent companies like Sony, Disney, New Balance, and more will be sharing their experiences with DAM. This is a great event for DAM professionals to learn from and connect with... Read More

DAM Tweet Jam—The Evolution of Digital Asset Management

Now more than ever, digital asset management is focusing on the service part of Software-as-a-Service.  Of course it’s important to have incredibly built software behind your DAM, but the solution that stands out is the one that revolves around the customer experience.  This is a great point of discussion… Presenting... Read More takes Digital Asset Management SaaS to the Next Level!

As the leader in DAM customer success, WebDAM is proud to present the world with, a place to get help and share innovative ideas in digital asset management. Inspired by the feedback and popularity of our last DAM webinar series, we felt inclined to create a first-of-its-kind resource for... Read More

Box Teams up with WebDAM – Bringing Digital Asset Management to the Enterprise

Seamless integration is a key for usability, customer success, and cutting-edge digital asset management. Your team is likely to be working with completely different departments, divisions, organizations, and external teams in a variety of organizations. Working efficiently is not always easy when working with so many outside collaborators, especially when... Read More

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