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Crop It Like It’s Hot

Images are rarely ready for publishing in their original state. The aspect ratio is off, the subject is too centered, the drama needs focus. Time to download, edit in Photoshop, save a new version to your hard drive and upload back to your DAM, right? Nope. Now you can crop... Read More

How to Build a Brand People Trust

You can feel it in your gut, but can’t always explain it. It’s hard to gain and easy to lose. And without it, your brand can’t generate customer satisfaction or loyalty.

We’re talking about trust.

While customer satisfaction and loyalty get more buzz, trust is the foundation of... Read More

7 Surprises to Look for Before You Rebrand

Some rebranding efforts breathe new life into a company while others fall flat, or worse cause the company to get eviscerated on social media. To avoid the latter, you’ll want to consider every possible pitfall. Here are seven potential surprises to keep in mind before you rebrand. 1. You Didn’t... Read More

The Psychology Behind the Brands We Love

The reasons we love a certain brand of sneakers probably has more to do with our brains than our feet. As consumers, we like to think we favor a brand because of objective factors, such as product quality or price. But insights from psychology, the study of the human mind... Read More

Lessons in Branding from Mad Men

Don Draper epitomizes a certain type of cool. He’s tall, he’s dark, and he’s handsome, but there’s something more. His mystique is difficult to define, but completely perceptible. That said, his presence has evolved over the course of Mad Men’s seven seasons. He began the nineteen sixties as part... Read More

How to Engage All Brand Advocates with Brand Connect

Your logo. Your fonts. Your visuals and color palettes. Everything about your brand needs to be effectively communicated with all of your employees, partners, agencies and stakeholders. When your Brand Connect homepage is the first place they go to find the latest brand guidelines and materials, it’s important to make... Read More

Customer Story of the Week – How Lutronic Teams Find Brand Materials More Efficiently

Lutronic is one of the world’s largest aesthetic medical device companies. Established over 17 years ago, the company pioneered the use of lasers and patented technology in hospitals and offices around the world. Today, the rapidly growing brand has offices in the United States, Korea, China, Japan, and Europe. As... Read More

Twitter Roundup: Top Tweets on Brand Management

On social media, brands compete with everything from trending celebrity tweets to viral cat videos. In a digital world that’s practically saturated with content, what does it take to make a brand stand out?

For the month of March, we set out to discover some of the top... Read More

The Frank Underwood School of Branding

3 Lessons in Brand Management from “House of Cards”

Kevin Spacey’s character on “House of Cards,” Frank Underwood, is mostly known for his despicable behavior, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from him. Through three seasons, he’s lied, cheated, and manipulated his way into power. Along the way,... Read More

Best Rebrands of the Last Decade

Maybe your business suits don’t quite fit in with the start-up-casual look at your new office; or the wool coat you loved in Boston doesn’t work now that you live in Palm Springs; or your once-trendy faux-hawk doesn’t feel so cool anymore. We all need to revise our image occasionally.... Read More

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