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Keep Your Brand Hot Like Tabasco

One sign of a confident brand: using technology to make your brand story, guidelines and creative assets available to all. Two of our customers, legendary hot-sauce producer Tabasco and the only federally funded National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in the U.S., use our digital brand-management hub, Brand Connect, to... Read More

Achieving the Brand Dream

When your brand’s synonymous with kick, you can’t settle for bland brand guidelines. That’s why Tabasco made the switch from static and difficult-to-update PDF brand guidelines to an immersive brand portal built in Brand Connect. Now the company has an easy-to-use brand platform that not only showcases multi-faceted brand... Read More

More High-Fives. Fewer Hand Slaps.

What does the digital era mean for brands? It means more to do – lots more – and higher stakes. That’s why we created Brand Connect, a uniquely digital brand-management hub built to give your brand a leg up in the digital era. Today we’re excited to announce that Brand... Read More

Brand Management in the Digital Era

Here’s the toughest thing about being in charge of your company’s brand: you don’t actually have control of it. Brand is whatever comes into people’s minds when they think of your organization. It’s based on every experience and interaction with your brand – those you control and those you don’t.... Read More

Protect and serve your brand

As a marketer, you’re probably used to feeling like the brand police. “Hold it right there! Editing the logo is against brand guidelines!” “Move your pointer away from that Submit button – that image is off-brand!” “Do you know why I called you in? You’re using an expired key messaging document.”... Read More

Brand Guidelines Reinvented

Believe it or not, brand management used to be easier. You just emailed brand guidelines in a PDF and – voilà! – your designers and vendors had everything they needed to use your company’s logo, colors and typography correctly. Nowadays? Good luck with that. Social media, global teams, freelancers... Read More

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