Blog | July 23, 2012

New Release: Webdam Brings Social Collaboration to DAM

by Melissa Kelly in Webdam Updates

Webdam users now have the ability to know everything as it happens! Webdam just launched new features designed to make digital asset management even more social — increasing collaboration and removing bottlenecks due to miscommunication. So get ready, because I’m going to introduce our newest features…

Getting Social and Staying-in-the-Know

Projects can get pretty hectic when collaborating within teams, entire departments, and especially whole companies. A great way to keep everything moving forward is to maintain constant communication. Today, automated email notifications and instant alerts allow teams to streamline workflows, collaborate faster and better interact with assets.

For example, let’s say you’re designing a marketing campaign to promote your CEO’s latest keynote presentation at a conference, but you need event photos which are in the hands of your photographer. Your marketing team and internal designers are waiting for the photos so they can leverage them in email campaigns, blogs, social networks, and other media outlets. But, everything is put on hold — you’re waiting for your photographer to finish retouching the images.

With real-time email notifications and alerts, your team has visibility to the “Right-Now” status of your assets. As soon as your photographer uploads or edits an asset, or folder of assets, your team is instantly notified and sees a real-time alert. They can get working immediately, pushing out campaigns faster and easier than ever. There is no need to wait around. With Webdam, your team can leverage social collaboration and automated marketing workflows to work faster and easier.

Similar to alerts in social sites like Facebook, Yammer, and LinkedIn, you can get real-time alerts that inform you when certain actions take place. While working in Webdam, the new toolbar provides discrete messages that appear in the bottom-right corner of your browser. When assets are commented on, uploaded, downloaded, deleted, moved, or edited, users can instantly receive a notification. In just one click, configure which actions and assets you want to monitor and how you want to be informed — email notification, an alert in Webdam or both. Quick and simple!

Additional New Features:

  • A redesigned toolbar includes alert messages and more intuitive lightbox navigation that provides quick actions for downloading and creating new lightboxes. You can easily change which lightbox you’re putting assets in and effortlessly download lightboxes straight from the bottom toolbar.
  • Our own marketing team loves presentations and we know this is the same for most organizations. Now, you can see thumbnail previews for PowerPoint files uploaded in Webdam. Identify each presentation quickly at first glance.
  • Need to send a link or download invite to a group of people? No problem — just add several email address into the same form! You can now send download invites and links to multiple email addresses at one time.

Get more details about the release and see how to customize these features in your Webdam account on

A Must-See Webdam Webinar about New Features

Don’t miss this Thursday’s webinar, where we’ll be covering all of the new social features! The lovely Leigh Ann Ledford, Webdam Customer Success Manager, will go over what’s new, how to use all of the features, and what your organization is gaining with this feature release. Register for this webinar and encourage your Webdam users to attend too! Space is limited.

Date: Thursday, July 26, 2012

Time: 10:00am – 10:30am PDT