Blog | January 4, 2016

Skip Hop and the Fine Art of the Product Launch

by Trey Clark in Creative Workflow

Companies can’t live on great products alone.

Great products help, obviously. But a great product without an excellent launch is like a tree falling in the forest with no one around to hear it.

Skip Hop, a parent lifestyle brand and Webdam customer, has product launches down to a science. Even in the beginning, when they were operating from their New York City apartment, Skip Hop used the fundamental concepts of a successful product launch to set them apart in the burgeoning mom-and-pop craftmaker movement.

Now that they’re an established brand, Skip Hop still launches products the same way. It is a 360-degree collaboration between internal teams, retailers and industry trendsetters. Products need messaging. Both online and brick-and-mortar retailers need product education. Bloggers and celebrity moms need samples. Customers need a reason to believe. Social media needs content for weeks of furious promotion.

And they all need images that sell and inspire a connection with the Skip Hop brand.

“Our retailers are so important to us. We need them to both carry and understand our products so they can stand behind it and really sell it,” said Founder and Chief Creative Officer Ellen Diamont. “As for consumers, we need to engage that mom. Not just sell to them, but make them brand evangelists.

“None of that is happening without a consistent message – from words to images to video – that matches with all the product development and research that went into creating the product in the first place.”


Webdam works as a key cog in the Skip Hop launch machine. It’s where the company manages and distributes all this launch content, keeping it all up to date, on brand and instantly available.

The results of the partnership are readily apparent. Skip Hop has grown into a go-to brand for everything baby-related: toys, clothes, utensils and, of course, diaper bags. The brand now exceeds $100 million in annual sales.

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