Blog | August 1, 2012

See Social Collaboration Features in Our Latest Webinar

by kagatep in Events, Webdam Updates

In last week’s Webinar, Webdam’s very own lead Customer Success Manager, Leigh Ann Ledford, gave our audience an in-depth look at our latest release. The new social collaboration features include a redesigned toolbar for real-time alerts and intuitive lightbox navigation, social collaboration for improved workflows, ability to send invites and links to multiple email addresses at once, and PowerPoint thumbnail previews. Each feature is covered with details about how to customize your settings along with the benefits they will bring to your organization. For those who weren’t able to make it, the webinar is available for you and your team to watch online!

With so many features jam-packed into one release, we wanted to share some of the questions that we weren’t able answer live in the webinar. If you have any other questions about this release or Webdam feel free to send us an email at or check out, the best DAM Community for learning best practices, getting help, and sharing ideas.

Q: How do people receive notifications? By email?

All users will receive alerts by both email and in Webdam, unless specified by the user. This feature is configurable in Webdam for uploaded assets, downloaded assets, edited assets, moved assets, new versions of assets, comments added to versions of assets, and lightbox changes.

Q: I don’t see an option for being notified when there is a new user. How is this done?

The administrator can set this notification in their Global Preferences. The alerts within the system for new user registrations are only available to administrators.

Q: Can we send a custom email notification to new users after we approved their registration?

At the moment, users will only receive email notifications for changes and updates made on folders and assets they are watching. However, with Webdam’s new email feature, administrators can send emails to multiple addresses at once. This is helpful if multiple users are approved at one time. We do have a very active roadmap and are always looking for ways to improve the system. Feel free to share ideas on this and more at under the Share section.

Q: Can notifications be removed from the list once the recipient has read and/or acted on them?

Once the recipient has read the alerts, the notification icon will no longer be activated. The list will automatically clear out after 30 days.

Q: Is there an FTP download option in the toolbar?

With the newly redesigned easy-to-use toolbar, users can download a lightbox in just a few clicks. The user will receive an email notification once the lightbox has been downloaded, allowing the user to navigate away from the page at any time. However, an FTP download option in the toolbar is a great suggestion. I would encourage you to share this with the community on, which is actively being reviewed by our Product Development Team.

Try out these new features in a free trial of Webdam: