Blog | December 30, 2013

SaaS Hosting – The Secret to Successful Creative Marketing Campaigns

by Preeti Upadhyaya in Marketing Operations

No doubt you’ve heard the term SaaS, or software-as-a-service, thrown about quite a lot in the past year or two. It’s become one the buzziest terms in Silicon Valley, and for good reason – it’s projected that the SaaS hosting market growth will grow to $21.3 billion by 2015 as stated on

SaaS technology, which houses software and related data in the cloud, has helped streamline dozens of business applications across many sectors, including CRM, ERP, accounting and collaboration tools and a host of others.

For marketing and creative teams, SaaS hosted technologies really hold the key to successful marketing campaigns. The world of marketing moves at a breakneck speed, and marketing professionals have no time to fiddle around with outdated, on-premise systems that are cumbersome to implement and unintuitive to use.

As a marketer, you rarely have the time or resources to experiment with different internal deployments – you need a quick, easy to understand set of technology tools that work out of the box, without having to call IT anytime something goes wrong. Marketing technology should fulfill one goal: to help marketers do their job better by building effective, creative marketing campaigns.

Enter SaaS platforms, built to take the guesswork out of marketing software by eliminating the need for IT support. The initial set up costs (usually subscription fees) for these platforms tend to be lower than traditional software, and can be easily adjusted to the size of the deployment.

This means that SaaS solutions are also very easy to scale as your marketing needs grow. They also tend to be easy to configure and customize to your own specifications, and software updates by the provider apply to all customers at the same time (no more getting left behind with outdated software!). SaaS platforms also have more collaboration and sharing capabilities with social media providers and other technologies.

So it’s no surprise that some of the marketing industry’s leading tech providers implement SaaS hosting. Salesforce, a heavyweight cloud player specializing in CRM, is a software-as-a-service company that brought in more than $3 billion in revenue in 2012. Marketo, which went public just this year, is a marketing automation SaaS provider that ranks #1 among marketing software companies, according to the Inc. 500 list. HubSpot is another marketing giant that uses SaaS hosting, bringing in $52.5 million in revenue in 2012. Add cloud-based social media management system HootSuite to the list and it’s hard to argue with the fact that SaaS platforms are the best software solution for marketing teams.

Marketing technology helps companies grow their business by driving new leads, converting more customers and growing sales. To achieve this, marketing teams have to strategically manage a great deal of content across their organizations, so they need a consistent, easy-to-use system in place to store and deploy their valuable branding material and other digital assets consistently. This is where Webdam, the leading SaaS hosted digital asset management platform, really helps marketing teams shine. With virtually no time to deploy and on-demand scaling, Webdam empowers marketing and creative teams to design, manage and collaborate with rich media to deliver successful campaigns.