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Land a Marketing Triple Crown with the Right Content Management System

The Marketing Triple Crown

This weekend, all eyes in the equestrian world will be on California Chrome, the champion racehorse running in the Belmont Stakes, the longest thoroughbred race in the U.S. He’s already conquered the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, and if all goes well, he’ll achieve the coveted 2014 Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing.

Believe it or not, Triple Crown Status can also be applied to the world of enterprise content management and how it is leveraged by marketing departments. Instead of three separate races, the challenges involve how your enterprise content management system (CMS) is structured and how well it helps you advance your organization’s marketing goals.

When it comes to content management systems, there are three basic areas – consider them each a race – that must be perfected for the whole system to work smoothly. Look closely at a CMS’s underlying technology, how it helps you manage your content life cycle and how easy it is to use.

Want a Marketing Win? Start in the Cloud

Winning Marketing Strategy

Let’s start with the technology underpinning your CMS.  Today’s business environment calls for a CMS that’s reliable and accessible anytime, anywhere. A cloud-based platform delivers this kind of access along with several other key benefits, and will immediately give you a head start for achieving Triple Crown marketing success.

Cloud-based, or Software-as-a-Service (Saas) models give your company much more bang for your buck compared to an on-premise options. Deploying SaaS platforms is fast and doesn’t require assistance from the IT department. And because cloud-based systems are typically offered on a subscription basis, it’s much easier and cost-efficient to scale the product as your needs grow.

Keep Your Content Life Cycle Transparent

Secondly, a CMS with tools for managing the life cycle of content is crucial for your marketing team. From uploading content to leveraging it for various materials, you need transparency around the workflows that take place in a CMS to make sure files are being used properly and correctly reflecting your brand.

Features like version control help ensure that only the most current assets are used. Monitoring who is accessing files and for what purpose lets you control how assets are being used to represent your brand. This is especially important when you’re working with sensitive material or rights-managed images, for example. Taking advantage of all the content lifecycle management tools within your CMS will ensure strong brand consistency.

Breeze Past Productivity Barriers with Strong Collaboration Tools

Succeed with Content Management Tools

The final leg of the race in choosing a winning CMS platform is knowing how it facilitates collaboration for your team. Reliable access, from anywhere, anytime and on any device – made possible by a cloud-based system – is a huge benefit when you have team members working all over the world. Whether you’re in a coffee shop, an airport lounge or a hotel, you need reliable access to content and workflows to drive successful campaigns. Finding a CMS that breaks down barriers to productivity and eliminates bottlenecks will put you on the path to marketing victory.

Also consider how easy to use your CMS is. Can anyone – not just professional webmasters or coding gurus – access and work with all the features of your CMS? It should be simple enough that anyone can understand and use it but powerful enough to carry out all the marketing projects you have on your plate.

Before today, you probably didn’t see much in common between the Triple Crown and marketing excellence. In fact, both are a result of winning three distinct races. Just like winning the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes lands the Triple Crown, a scalable, cloud-based and easy to use CMS with clear visibility into how files are used is the winning combination for achieving Triple Crown success in the marketing world.

To learn how the United States Equestrian Federation, a powerhouse in the equestrian and competitive horse racing world, uses WebDAM to manage its digital assets and grow and strengthen its brand, click here.

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