Blog | January 1, 2016

Reflecting Today, Ready for Tomorrow

by Lola Catero in Creative Workflow

New Year’s is a holiday unlike any other. We’re encouraged to both party and pause. It’s a time to celebrate, reflect and resolve.

As we pause to reflect on 2015, we’re looking back at some of our favorite posts. Hopefully they’ll help you reflect, refresh and head into 2016 ready to go.

  1. How to Build a Brand People Trust: Build and sustain trust with your customers with these four brand-management strategies.
  2. Your Brand’s Narrative: Create long-lasting experiences for your audience through a solid brand narrative that hooks people to your vision.
  3. Humans Are Changing Infographic: Discover how humans are changing and what marketers can do to keep pace.
  4. The Impact of Images: Use images to drive the emotions that lead to customer loyalty and increased sales.
  5. Let Your Brand Guidelines Shine: Learn how to customize and publish your brand guidelines on the web without any kind of coding or design knowledge.
  6. Creative Workflow Apps Designers Can’t Live Without Find out some of the most useful and versatile design-based applications for designers.
  7. Brand Guidelines Reinvented  Brands live in lots of different environments now. Read this helpful guide to learn how to adapt your brand guidelines..
  8. Fifty Shades of Branding: Discover brand management best practices that will help you create and sustain a successful brand.

Here’s to a great year together,

Happy New Year from Webdam