Blog | June 6, 2016

PSA for Adobe Creative Cloud Users: Streamline Your Design Toolkit

by Trey Clark in Creative Workflow

It’s 3 PM. Design is due EOD. All you want to do is put on your headphones, open up InDesign, get in the zone and deliver your best work.

But, instead of focusing on the work, you’re focusing on manipulating windows. Open a new window to search for approved assets. Open another window search a stock photo site for alternative images. Back and forth it goes as the clock winds down, requiring you to rush the creativity.

The result? The work isn’t your best, and a good chance you have to go back for revisions.

Webdam Art Director Alisha Wilson explained it in her own words:  “Every time I needed a creative asset like a photo or vector, I’d have to leave the design program I was working in and search for it in my DAM or on a stock photo site. You’d be surprised how much time this wastes – it’s not just the clicking around, it’s getting back into what I was doing.”

Time to eliminate all those potholes on the road to creative bliss by keeping your asset search within the Adobe design tools you’re already using. The Webdam Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud integrates with InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop so that you can search your DAM and Shutterstock without ever leaving the design environment.


The benefits are many, so let’s start at the top:

Seamless-ize the design workflow.

Once inspiration strikes, you don’t have to go searching for assets outside InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator. Instead, you can search your entire Webdam library within and across those applications. Steps saved. Still in the zone.

Skip the download.

When you find your asset(s), there’s no need to download, insert and package them. Webdam Connector handles that by inserting the image via a link sourced from your Webdam library*. Any time you update an image in Webdam, you get an update notification and can choose to add the new version in your design. And when you move the image in your Webdam library, the link stays preserved. Steps saved (now and in the future). Still in the zone.

Upload to DAM without the elements headaches.

When you’re finished, you can use the Connector to upload the project into Webdam – it will save the .indd, .psd or .ai file and all of its elements, including metadata. Steps saved. Future frustration prevented. Never left the zone.

“This level of integration with the Adobe Creative Cloud is unprecedented in the industry, and represents truly ground-breaking Creative Cloud innovation.” – Silicon Publishing

If you’re a customer and would like to add Webdam Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud to your account? Just contact your Customer Success Manager to get started.

*Specific process for InDesign workflow – slightly adjusted for other Creative Cloud tools.