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If You Build It, They Will Come – Proven Strategies for DAM Engagement

DAM engagement strategies

Launching a new digital asset management platform is an exciting undertaking for many. Most teams I have worked with throughout the years are over the moon when they finally get the “keys” to their new WebDAM account. Prior to WebDAM, these same teams had become accustomed to battling with IT for server space or putting files on a shared hard drive hoping they will be able to retrieve the assets easily later; knowing the reality of the situation is that they will likely recreate the assets or repurchase them again and again.

WebDAM, of course, has made all of their dreams of centralizing digital assets for future retrieval come true! Once an asset has been created or purchased, upload it to WebDAM and anyone who needs those assets can easily find and download them anytime… If you build it they will come… Or will they?

In reality, to have wide adoption of your DAM, communication prior to, during, and post launch is key. Even if you’ve had a DAM for a while and you’ve noticed a dropoff of usage or want to reengage people, these tips still apply. Check out the following engagement strategies that have proven successful for other customers:

Build Pre-Launch Buzz

Get others excited about what is coming. The main driver for implementing the DAM should be conveyed. For example, if you have been managing requests for creative assets through email, and the new DAM will empower users to get what they need immediately as opposed to a 48 hour turn around, make this your headline! Emphasize and promote all of the benefits your users will receive from your DAM platform.

Communicate the benefits

Make the Launch Count

During the launch, it is important that your users know how to access the new system and who to contact with questions. Create a one page FAQ sheet with key questions and contact information. And, don’t forget about making any documentation that will help users get up and running available in the DAM. Custom pages in WebDAM are great for hosting materials like this.

Identify the key features users should be familiar with and encourage usage of those features. A great way to do this is by having a contest. For example, if it is critical that users know how to share assets with each other using the Lightbox – upon launching, announce that the first five users who share a Lightbox with you get a prize!

Launch promotional contest

Continue the Conversation Post-Launch:

Communication is key throughout the entire life of your DAM. Be sure to do ongoing outreach to your users to gather feedback. Ask them what works well and if there is anything that could work better for them. If your users are experiencing any challenges, the sooner you know about them, the sooner those challenges can be addressed. A common concern I hear is that users are not able to find what they need. This particular concern happens to be very easy to remedy – usually with a quick update to keywords. But, you need to encourage feedback from your users in order to know if they have any hesitations. Want to get the conversation started with your users? How about another contest? Everyone who completes a survey gets entered to win a gift card.

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