Blog | August 28, 2012

80+ LearningRx Franchises Streamline Marketing Workflows with Webdam!

by kagatep in Brand Management, Digital Asset Management, Webdam Updates

We love seeing all of our customers succeed with Webdam. In fact, we have an entire website devoted to DAM success with useful resources like user guides, video tutorials, forums, and even a place to share success stories. Our newest customer case study features LearningRx and their DAM story. They revolutionized over 80+ franchises by simultaneously deploying Webdam across their entire organization to streamline marketing workflows. LearningRx is the leading network of brain training centers with their headquarters located in Colorado Springs, CO and franchises all across the country. Since 2002, LearningRx has helped millions of people – children and adults – strengthen their minds and change the way they learn through a tested and proven methodology known as brain training.

With over 80 franchises dispersed nation-wide, one could only imagine how difficult it might be to maintain brand consistency and disseminate information to large amounts of users. Prior to using Webdam, LearningRx franchises would request approval to use business critical marketing materials from the corporate office. Upon approval, corporate would then mail back a CD that oftentimes contained outdated materials by the time they arrived. This process was proving to be too costly and inefficient for the company.  LearningRx continued to grow at exponential rates and the organization knew that something had to be done about their current marketing workflow.

Their solution was to massively deploy a cloud DAM to all of the LearningRx franchises that was easy to use and allows for unique user and group settings. Having Webdam as their digital asset management solution meant no more outdated CDs, no waiting around for corporate approval, and no brand inconsistency, just a centralized digital database streamlining marketing workflows from corporate headquarters to all 80+ franchises.  Working faster, with automated workflows, and convenient access to marketing materials, the organization can continue to grow and strengthen, just like the minds of the clients they work with.

“Using Webdam has been and continues to be a great experience!”
– Marketing Technology Specialist, Brent White

Read the whole LearningRX DAM success story: