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You Could Be One Video Away from a Billion Dollars

by Chad Lott in Creative Workflow Make sure your video distribution strategy is as powerful as the content itself.

The right video can send shockwaves through an industry. If you’ve been on the internet in the last few years, you’ve probably seen Dollar Shave Club’s first viral video. Michael Dubin, the company’s CEO and star of the video, spent about $4,500 on it. It currently has 24 million views on YouTube.

The company made about $150 million in sales, largely because of this video, before being acquired by Unilever for an astronomical sum of $1 billion. Not only that, it forced all of the traditional shaving companies to adopt their own versions of Dubin’s sales model.

Dollar Shave Club’s Viral Video Cost $4,500, Company Sold for $1 Billion

Video traffic is exploding and the affect on sales is remarkable. Industry-changing videos are incredibly rare, though. About 50% of the videos on YouTube have fewer than 500 views and 30% have fewer than 100. Those dreary numbers are often the result of boring, poorly executed content trying to compete with exciting videos of cats and Russian parkour athletes.

However, even a great video can go unwatched if it’s not supported with some social media muscle.

Get Social, Go Viral

According to social media hall of famer Gary Vaynerchuk, the key to capturing video’s magic is to create content that’s “good enough” and share it often and everywhere. He’s a polarizing figure in marketing for sure, but it’s hard to argue with his results. He took his family’s wine business from $3 million to $60 million in sales largely using a self-hosted, low-budget YouTube channel called Wine Library TV.

$3 million to $60 million in sales using YouTube Videos

Sharing is where things can get tricky for your video strategy. These files are enormous and each platform you want to post them to typically has different technical requirements. Editing can be needed if the format you’re importing content into has length requirements. Your bold two-minute video could crush it on YouTube, but might not work at all on Instagram or other apps.

It’s essential to be an early adopter of emerging social platforms, which can mean frequent recutting or reformatting of your highest-performing video content. Most companies don’t have in-house video producers to handle this, so it either doesn’t get done or competition gets there first while you wait for your freelancer. That’s a shame because every time you get to use your existing video somewhere fresh, you have an opportunity to reach new customers with proven content.

Webdam has some features that can help enormously.

Simple Editing and Formatting

Video Cropping & Video Transcoding

Our digital asset management (DAM) software is more than just a perfect place to put your large video files. You can share them with anyone who needs them and the clipping tool allows you to make quick edits on the fly. It’s intuitive, so if you need a short 15-second clip for a Facebook ad, you can just make it on the spot without video editing software or expertise.

Webdam also offers powerful video transcoding features that support all of the most common video formats. If you’re not familiar, transcoding is the process that converts a video file from one format to another to make it viewable across different platforms and devices.

Usually, video conversion is a difficult and resource-heavy process, and would typically require more powerful hardware and faster CPUs or graphics acceleration capabilities. With Webdam, you can clip what you need and encode it in multiple formats in seconds.

Make Sharing Content Easy

The ultimate goal for just about every video is to go viral, which means it needs to be accessible. Webdam can help you make your video content accessible to partners, distributors, media or anyone who might give it a boost. Brand Connect is the part of Webdam that centralizes approved content and controls access, ensuring your brand stays on strategy regardless of where it goes and who shares it. You can use it to share pretty much any content or brand guidelines, but it’s really useful for video.

One of our new customers, Ducati, has all of their videos loaded up on a Brand Connect page for dealerships. Dealers can play them directly from Brand Connect in their showrooms, or make Facebook and Instagram ads with them.

The cost of video content has come down so much there’s really not much standing in your way. With a smart phone and some charm, you could be the next breakaway video star. Just don’t forget us when you’re internet famous.

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