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New Webdam Release: Creative Automation & Superior PowerPoint Management

by kagatep in Digital Asset Management, Webdam Updates

Webdam is excited to launch brand new time-saving features for all business users! These powerful new additions will continue to increase efficiency for your marketing and creative teams and streamline productivity for PowerPoint users. Join next week’s webinar or read on to learn about the time-saving new features.

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Superior Presentation Management

PowerPoint presentations are an essential tool for company communication and it’s important to manage those valuable assets.  Sales and marketing teams, along with managers and executives all utilize PowerPoint to convey effective messaging.  Whether it’s presenting the value of a product, sharing strategic plans to the rest of the company, or just training new employees, many companies develop PowerPoint presentations as an important brand asset to disseminate crucial information.

With Webdam, users can easily centralize, control, catalog, share, and now play PowerPoint files directly from Webdam.  You can streamline productivity by having quick and easy access to a PowerPoint Presentation and being able to present while in Webdam.  Imagine a situation where a meeting room might not be readily accessible like at a conference, medical office, or trade-show floor and you want to do a quick pitch to a client.  We’ve provided cutting-edge presentation tools where you can just take out your iPad, open up your PowerPoint file in Webdam, and begin presenting without hesitation.

The new presentation management feature saves you time.  In Webdam you can easily find presentations in one centralized location, repurpose presentation assets increasing efficiency, and conveniently present directly in your DAM.


Powerful Creative Automation

Our creative automation feature brings users the ability to automatically convert their image files for all of their marketing and creative needs. Developed with the user in mind, file conversion in Webdam is very quick and easy to use, enhancing creative workflows.

Think of when your creative team produces a new image or design for a print campaign in Adobe Illustrator and saves it as an eps.  When you want to repurpose this on your website, email campaign, or anything else you need to then open the file in Illustrator, convert it, and then save it.  Then think about repeating this process with an entire folder of files. As you can imagine, this is probably not the most time-efficient process. Now with Webdam’s new creative automation features, users don’t have to sit and convert file after file or use third-party software to convert files. Users can choose any number of files and convert to different file formats, specific resolutions, size, or color space in just a few clicks.  Users can also save these settings for future use and convenience.  The admin also has the ability to configure these options and control how users are converting and downloading their files.

We understand that all of our customers have different needs and a number of different file types stored in their DAM. Having the flexibility to convert to a specific file type gives users the ability to repurpose their files for a number of different uses without any hassle.  These intuitive new features are perfect for quick adoption with no training necessary.  As any marketing or creative professional knows, streamlining and improving your creative workflows are really important for improving efficiency.

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Date: Tuesday, Sept 11, 2012
Time: 10:00am – 10:30am PST

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