Blog | March 17, 2011

Do You Have a Customer Success Manager???

by Melissa Kelly in Webdam Updates

Well if you’re a Webdam customer…now you do!

We are very excited to introduce our new Customer Success Manager, Leigh Ann Ledford!

Leigh Ann comes to us with years of experience in magazine publishing, on both the editorial and advertising side. She has worked with several magazines on developing workflows and content management best practices. As the Managing Editor of American Photo magazine, she gained a thorough understanding of photographers’ challenges in the digital world, managing large volumes of digital content.

We recently sat down with Leigh Ann to chat about her new role, and what customer success means to her. Below are some excerpts from the interview.

Q: How would you describe your role as the Webdam Customer Success Manager?

A: My job is to make sure our customers’ digital asset management needs are being met. I work closely with the designated system administrators. It is imperative that I spend the time getting to know all about what their DAM needs are. I think of myself as an extension of their team, making recommendations for procedures, gathering feedback on what tool enhancements may help them, and also telling them about what tools are coming down the pike.

Q: What is a typical day for the customer success manager?

I of course spend a lot of my day interacting with customers through email and on the phone. I am constantly reading articles and blogs on emerging technologies, especially those related to managing digital assets. I also work on my own Webdam account, adding new assets and incorporating new ideas about folder structure and metadata strategies.

Q: What is your main goal in this role?

My main goal is to deliver information to our customers that will help them with their businesses. You can expect to see more information on best practices for digital asset management, tips on creating efficient workflows, and easy to follow user-guides.

Q: How do you measure customer success?

I measure customer success by how much time the customer saved using Webdam. You never get time back; and in business, time is directly correlated to money. Managing assets is not necessarily the most difficult task, but it is a time-consuming one! When I can help a customer utilize the features of Webdam in a way that saves them a significant amount of time, that’s a success!

Another way I measure success is through user adoption.  The overall success of a DAM implementation rests on the users.  When the users are turning to Webdam everyday to complete their tasks, that’s a success!

Q: What makes you a great Customer Success Manager?

I have a genuine interest in helping customers and love finding ways to increase efficiency. I am proactive and call our customers often to check in, make sure their needs are being addressed, and to tell them about new features that I know will help them.

If you do not talk to your customers on a regular basis, then you cannot know if their needs are being met. Business needs are ever changing, especially with the constant introduction of new technologies. It is a top priority at Webdam that we listen to our customers and are able to evolve as quickly as their business needs change.