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More Metadata Tricks – Streamline Asset Distribution with Custom Fields

WebDAM hacks

WebDAM is home to a lot of digital assets, but they aren’t just sitting around. They have places to go and things to do, like be featured in amazing galleries of product images for websites like Amazon, Target and BestBuy.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could include all the details for assets right alongside the asset? Having vital information like product names, numbers and descriptions connected to files would be a huge timesaver when they’re ready to distribute. Well, with this newest metadata hack, you can!

Take for example, Elmer’s Products Inc., whose products are sold through many online retailers, including Target, Walmart and Amazon. When Elmer’s wants to send out photos for a new product listing to these retailers, they can also provide product information and copy with the files using metadata. All the information is in the right place, saving time and effort.

Try this metadata hack out for yourself — the steps below show you how to use metadata through WebDAM to attach product information to the file, streamlining the asset distribution process.

Elmers ecommerce

1) Create custom metadata fields

This is where you’ll enter all  your product information. In the example above, Elmers created custom fields for Description, Name/Item#, Product Copy and Product Copy Short. To create Custom Metadata fields, go to Settings > Metadata Schema. Enable the Custom Fields that you are going to use for this information. I am using Custom Fields 1 through 4.

Elmers custom metadata

2) Upload assets into WebDAM

Add metadata like product information into the new custom fields you’ve created. This is a good place to add product names, descriptions, item numbers or any other details you’d like to include about the product.

Elmers add metadata

3) Keep product information together

Now, when an asset is downloaded for use on various distribution channels, all key product details are displayed alongside the file.

Elmers metadata

4) [Optional] Automate these updates.

Use WebDAM’s REST API to make these updates automatic. For more information on how to use the API to maintain product brochures and imagery, check out Capital Safety’s case study.

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