Blog | April 27, 2016

More High-Fives. Fewer Hand Slaps.

by Mike Waite in Brand Management, Creative Workflow, Digital Asset Management, Webdam Updates

What does the digital era mean for brands? It means more to do – lots more – and higher stakes. That’s why we created Brand Connect, a uniquely digital brand-management hub built to give your brand a leg up in the digital era.

Today we’re excited to announce that Brand Connect adds new social, analytic and distribution functionality to its bag of tricks. Sign up for our May 10 webinar for a full breakdown on what’s new.

Managing a brand is more complex than ever – there are so many platforms to maintain a presence on, niche audiences to relate to and partners to work with.

Relying on PDF brand guidelines for direction and shared cloud storage for distribution is a recipe for disaster when ideas and campaigns have a shorter shelf life than ever before.

Brand Connect flips the script by equipping your team with smarter, simpler technology built for digital marketing.

So instead of reprimanding brand sins and struggling to keep your team in the loop, you can automate more brand-management tasks, slash human error and keep up with faster creative cycles.

Blog_BrandConnect_Infographic (1)

Check out the new features that will further streamline your workflow:

  • Social features such as “likes” and comments allow community members to bring their collective wisdom to asset management and selection.
  • Analytics graphically display key measures and trends to better understand asset feedback and use.
  • Embargo Date automatically synchronizes the release of materials with role-based access controls at the folder and asset level.
  • Image Carousel schedules the rotation of images, videos and other visual assets across multiple endpoints from a central source.

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You can learn more about the new Brand Connect features – and how they can help your brand succeed – in our May 10 “Dream Achievers for Brand Believers” interactive webinar. Claim your spot now.