Blog | January 9, 2017

Make MarTech Harmony with APIs

by Samantha Taylor in Marketing Operations

Successful marketing in the digital age relies on specialized marketing technology.

The pro: There’s no shortage of amazing marketing technology out there.
The con: As your marketing stack grows, once-simple marketing project flows start running into gaps and blockages between technologies that serve specific functions.

So instead of a simple transition from one app to the next, you have to take on a host of manual processes to move projects along. Before you know it, you’re executing much more slowly and really laboring to keep everything in sync.


For example: A designer creates a new marketing asset. That file needs to be housed somewhere, then marketing needs to distribute it to internal teams, franchisees, third-party agencies and across marketing channels. Each of these means logging into a different platform and committing significant time and effort to, essentially, moving files from place to place.

That’s not good for business.

Application program interfaces – better known as APIs – can get your marketing operations back on track. They bridge your technology gaps and automate processes between platforms, allowing marketers to move on to the next high-value activity faster.

Look at the visual below and see how APIs can fundamentally change your marketing team’s project workflow.


Whether it’s connecting your CMS, MRM, PIM, -insert your favorite acronym-solution with a digital asset management platform, it’s sure to streamline your marketing operations and accelerate your creative workflow.

Download our latest guide to discover how placing a DAM at the center of your marketing infrastructure can whip your workflows into digital shape.

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