Blog | June 14, 2016

Lessons from Shutterstock: Words That Surface the Boldest Images for Your Marketing Content

by Lola Catero in Brand Management, Creative Workflow

For marketers, there’s nothing like feeling pumped about a compelling campaign idea … only to see it completely lose its mojo during design. It’s frustrating to see original content paired with generic visuals that don’t serve the big idea and distinguish it as your brand.

And for designers, it can be really difficult to capture the essence of a blog, promotion or contest with a few perfectly stunning visuals. With tight deadlines and only stock images to choose from, trying to find a completely original way to convey “velocity,” “security” or even “hip” can feel impossible.

So, how do marketers and designers come together to create sparkling campaigns with compelling creative and keep up with today’s digital pace – without using rocket ships and race cars?  

Shutterstock recently published a blog post sharing eight literary techniques to help take on the image hunt with a new perspective. It focuses on how to use bold visuals to create stunning presentations, but the methods can be used to find images for any purpose.

Check out Think Outside the Box When Creating Your Next Presentation Deck and learn how to turn this list of big words into creative tools for visually shaping your favorite stories.

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