Blog | February 14, 2013

It’s Official: We Launched The New Webdam Experience!

by rselvey in Brand Management, Digital Asset Management, Events, Webdam Updates

The big announcement started on the opening day of the 2013 Macworld | iWorld Conference out here in San Francisco.  At a privately held Webdam launch event called Your brand without boundaries, over 1000+ RSVP’d attendees draped around the block, anxiously awaiting the launch of The New Webdam Experience.

It was a packed house, with countless press, Webdam customers, partners, marketers and creative professionals — all psyched for the unveiling and keynote by Webdam President, Co-founder & Silicon Valley innovator, Jody Vandergriff.  We launched and showcased revolutionary technology that enables creative professionals to connect with each other, their brand, rich media, marketing campaigns, and the digital experience.

After working tirelessly around the clock for months, our team is absolutely thrilled to bring new revolutionary innovations to you and the marketing world.  Already a leader in digital asset management, Webdam has enjoyed enormous momentum over the past years, gaining more customers than anyone in the market due to our focus on innovation and helping customers work easier, faster, and smarter.  By providing the easiest to use and most powerful cloud-based DAM for the enterprise, we continue to do our best to set the bar in user experience and functionality for today and tomorrow’s world.

And now, we welcome you to The New Webdam Experience! Using the latest in UX technology to help teams achieve maximum productivity, the New Webdam encompasses additional time saving features and an unsurpassed user-experience.  Most notable, the beautiful design makes real-time collaboration and brand management effortless for an enterprise.  In addition, innovations in asset search and discovery, drag and drop functionality, and lightning-fast performance are included in this release. If you couldn’t make it out to the live event or worldwide webcast launch, don’t worry. You can see event videos, the keynote, and pictures below. You can also sign up for a demo here.

This is just the beginning for 2013!

Keynote Presentation

See the unveiling of The New Webdam Experience (in HD).  In this video, Jody Vandergriff, Webdam President and Co-Founder, presents extraordinary innovations for marketing and creative pros.

Video Montage of the Premier Launch

Check out this short video montage of the exciting launch party!

Event Pictures

To see all of the event pictures visit the Webdam Facebook.


We’d like to thank all of the sponsors and services that contributed to our awesome event! Here’s a special shout-out to some of the sponsors that really went above and beyond our expectations:

TweetWall Pro

  • We were able to socialize our event with the help of TweetWall Pro. We had an extremely large volume of tweets come in from our attendees and Webdam fans worldwide. With TweetWall Pro the live customized display of the tweets really created a more engaging atmosphere. Thanks TweetWall Pro.

  • Meaghan Dunn helped create the engaging video introduction which was a huge hit with the audience.  Her high-quality animations helped the attendees visualize the global effects of our newly launched technology.

Neato Robotics

  • We’d like to thank Neato Robotics (a valued Webdam customer) for donating a “Neat” grand prize for the raffle.  The crowd anxiously mingled while hoping to win the Neato XV-21 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner, valued at over $500. It was also showcased in our opening video during a customer video testimonial by Neato Robotics.  Right now, a lucky winner is enjoying a very hip, stylish and powerful robotic vacuum.

Got Light?

  • The lighting at the launch party was unbelievable. We would like to thank Got Light? for providing us with this great addition. Having the Webdam logo projected across the walls and buildings in San Francisco was an enjoyable moment for our fun egos.  Thanks Got Light?