Blog | May 24, 2016

Keeping the House (of Blues) Party Rolling

by Mike Waite in Brand Management, Creative Workflow

House of Blues is a business obsessed with the blues. Its entire operation is built around celebrating the contributions this purely American art form has made to entertainment, cuisine, culture and the arts.

But even in the best of circumstances, rock and roll is a chaotic business.

Overseeing marketing and promotions for more than 40 bustling clubs and theaters, their sub-brands and dozens of websites may set a new mark for mayhem.

It’s definitely not a job for the faint of heart – the pace is unrelenting, deadlines are extremely tight and the talent has a reputation for being a bit temperamental.

House of Blues has over 100 marketers responsible for promotion at its venues. They depend on a small headquarters team of just four graphic designers who produce and source the majority of the brand assets for local campaigns, promotions and even menus.


As marketing tipped to digital, what had worked well enough was quickly becoming unsustainable. Project and asset requests grew steadily to more than 40 a day. The small design team wasn’t meant for this kind of demand – especially the searching, organizing and other management tasks not found in their job descriptions.

They struggled to keep pace and started spending more time chasing assets and fulfilling requests than creating new work.

The results were starting to affect the business. Valuable assets got lost and had to be recreated. Work was rushed to meet deadlines, and the team was burning out.

How did House of Blues get back on track? Read the rest of their story to learn more: