Blog | May 20, 2016

Keep Your Brand Hot Like Tabasco

by Lola Catero in Brand Management

One sign of a confident brand: using technology to make your brand story, guidelines and creative assets available to all.

Two of our customers, legendary hot-sauce producer Tabasco and the only federally funded National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in the U.S., use our digital brand-management hub, Brand Connect, to streamline and automate their brand-management tasks.

These two companies are complete opposites: one likes it hot … and the other would prefer a much more neutral temperature. But both have a broadly distributed network of teams, vendors and partners responsible for repping their brand.

Brand Connect allows both Tabasco and NREL the opportunity to maintain a strong brand presence across channels, partners and niche audiences. Their brands are so accessible, both have made elements of their Brand Connect portal public.

Check out Tabasco’s Brand Connect


Their site not only offers tactical guidance on brand standards like logo, color and photography, it highlights their heritage with company and product milestones and leans on the site to tell their journey.


Conversely, NREL’s Brand Connect makes it incredibly easy for its users to access imagery from over a dozen galleries organized by initiative. Their robust faceted search allows every type of visitor easy access to creative assets and files.



These two examples showcase ways to configure Brand Connect for your needs. That’s the beauty of it. It’s the one place set up for every piece of content, collateral and information that people need to understand and represent your brand. See more examples of Brand Connect here.