Blog | March 23, 2016

Juniper Networks: DAM Good Lessons on User Adoption

by Lola Catero in Digital Asset Management

Every day a new technology is introduced with the promise of Speed! Performance! General betterness! Whether it’s a lightweight app to pre-order lunch, a robust CRM platform like Salesforce or a brand-empowering digital asset management platform, these solutions are created to improve performance and drive business results.

But the reality is that learning yet another tool takes time and, unfortunately, effort. Finding that time for a long-run benefit – in the face of short-term deadlines – can be a tough sell.

Solution win, implementation fail.

When 600 business and IT executives were surveyed by software consulting firm Geneca, seventy-five percent of respondents reported that their new projects are either always or usually “doomed right from the start.”

Many solutions are introduced only to collapse during adoption. Users often get stuck during initial registration and onboarding. They end up putting it off for another day. And another, and another, and so on. The failure is expensive. Time and money are wasted, and users never enjoy the benefit that was intended.

That’s not the kind of mistake you want to make with digital asset management (DAM). The benefits of DAM can be transformational. It can have a dramatic impact on marketing performance and business results. It powers distributed teams to move faster and produce more, better work. But DAM only works if it is successfully implemented and adopted.

With almost 10,000 employees, digital networking leader Juniper Networks knows a thing or two about successfully implementing enterprise applications. When Juniper migrated their assets from a legacy DAM system over to Webdam, they went the extra mile to ensure successful training and adoption across their global team.


Introducing the triple threat: webinars, surveys, scavenger hunts.

For the rollout, Juniper defined success based on its adoption and engagement objectives. To achieve these numbers, Marketing and Brand Communications Specialists Alexandra Conway and Kadee Escobedo created a strategy to get people hooked on the new system.

For a big, diverse group, Juniper’s brand team knew they’d have to combine a few approaches to succeed. Their plan was practical, creative and fun.

First they offered company-wide educational webinars for each of their global hubs. The webinars introduced Webdam to employees, demonstrated its functionality and demystified the main use cases like searching for specific creative assets. The webinars were recorded and made available as an onboarding and training resource.

Alexandra and Kadee administered a user feedback survey to better understand user experience and possible hang-ups. One major thing they learned was that “faith in branded items” was fairly low because users were too used to seeing out-of-date assets. As a result, they implemented obvious “End of Life” (EOL) dates and highlighted the quarter that assets were released. Combined with the Webdam versioning capabilities, they restored faith that users could find up-to-date branded assets. In addition, the feedback survey provided adoption metrics and actionable insights and set benchmarks for improvement.

They also rolled out in-app scavenger hunts (made fun with t-shirts as prizes) to spur adoption and get people familiar with the system. They used internal web, video and email ads to promote the hunt. The simple tasks helped users unlearn habits from their earlier system (that required memorization of asset IDs) and made them comfortable in the new environment.  

Everyone wins.

The project was a big success. During this training period they were seeing an average of 60 logins a day from users getting to know the platform. These three tactics showed a clear picture and allowed them to further refine processes, adapt training and optimize their DAM setup for adoption and engagement.

Juniper agreed to let us use their survey as the basis for a user survey template. It’s a creative and useful way to understand user experience and things that may help or hurt system adoption. You can download the Webdam User Adoption Survey Template in PDF form to print and share with others. Otherwise, to customize the survey and start collecting user feedback, begin with our pre-made form. Select the menu button to make a copy.

If you’re a Webdam customer, contact your Customer Success Manager to learn even more about adoption and engagement best practices. If you aren’t a customer, connect with us