Blog | August 5, 2015

Is Busy the New Lazy? 5 Ways Marketers Can Work More Efficiently

by Emily Beaver in Content Marketing

Know any marketers who constantly complain – or brag – about how busy they are? Or the ones who are “too busy” to break for lunch or go to happy hour?

Maybe they’re crazy busy. Or maybe they’re just lazy…

Marketers are genuinely busy, but often, being “too busy” can be an excuse for disorganization, lack of priorities, or inefficient work habits. Most of us have been guilty of blaming busyness for our problems at some point, but if you’re too slammed to start working on a big project that matters (or to get away from your desk for 15 minutes), it’s probably time to reevaluate the way you’re working.

Here are five ways marketers waste time, and five ways to work more effectively:

All of Your Content Is Brand New

Modern marketers need to produce lots of content for blogs, websites, social media, white papers, and more. But if you’re not repurposing some of your content, you’re not getting the maximum mileage from your work. Post charts or graphs from your white paper on social media or use an excerpt as a blog post. There are plenty of ways you can repurpose content.

For more ideas, check out our guide on How to Repurpose Content. You’ll save time by using the same idea more than once, rather than constantly producing new content.

Woman brainstorming content ideas

You Manage Social Media Manually

Almost 65% of marketers spend six or more hours a week on social media, according to a 2014 Social Media Examiner survey. Social media is an important part of most marketing campaigns, but it can eat up lots of time if you’re writing and posting updates or responding to comments all day long.

There are lots of tools to help you manage social media marketing more effectively. Services like HootSuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social can help you streamline some aspects of social media marketing, such as scheduling and publishing updates. Edgar allows you to recycle social media posts to make social media marketing more efficient.

Social Media Marketing

You Don’t Have a Defense for Disruptions

Distractions and disruptions are inevitable for most workers. Researcher Gloria Mark found that office workers were disrupted about every three minutes. They usually completed a few other tasks before returning to the task at hand.

Guard yourself from distractions – created by other people or yourself – to get more work done, more quickly. Block out time when you can work uninterrupted on key tasks, hole up in a conference room, or install the Freedom app so you can’t troll Facebook when you should be working on that report.

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You’re Always Searching for Assets

You know you’ve got a graphic with your brand’s logo for your Facebook post … somewhere. But if you don’t have any easy way to find digital assets, you’ll waste time searching for assets or re-creating ones you already have. Use a digital asset management solution to save time.

Marketing team searching files on computer

You’re Looking for the Next Idea

It’s great to be on the lookout for new ideas, especially since marketers need to generate so many, but you also need a plan. Spend some time up-front creating an editorial calendar for your marketing content. You may need to make changes to your calendar later, but you won’t waste time scrambling for ideas whenever you need to come up with a new blog post or social update.

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