Blog | April 18, 2017

Introducing Workstream: Focus Creativity and Crush Deadlines

by Shane Westra in Creative Workflow Webdam introduces Workstream for creatives and marketers to manage their creative workflow.

Something has gone terribly wrong when creative teams feel like they don’t have time to be creative.

So when 80% of creatives say they feel overloaded with work and another third say they don’t have time to be creative, that’s bad. Real bad.

How did things get so far off course? It’s nobody’s fault, really – it’s just the nature of progress. Digital marketing channels exploded, giving companies more specialized ways of interacting with customers and driving demand for more content with shorter shelf lives. Hitting deadlines is the new priority. Pushing creative boundaries, unfortunately, comes in a distant second place to getting the work out the door.

Meanwhile, traditional work processes are slowing things down. By the time designers receive feedback or approval, there’s hardly any time to reflect on concepts and refine their work. Consequently, the quality of their work suffers, and companies end up pushing out content that misses the mark and fails to create a lasting impression.

Creative teams are trying to adjust by adding more specialized partners and agencies focused on specific disciplines and channels. This helps with some of the workload, but it also complicates the creative workflow by adding more people (often in remote locations) to processes. One step forward, two steps back.

Marketing and creative teams are struggling to create and implement processes that bring order and control to creative development. They often function in a state of chaos while wrestling with loosely defined processes for collaboration, reviews and approvals.

Current tools missing the mark.

Creative project management tools, in many cases, aren’t keeping up with the challenges. Lots of teams continue to rely on email, sticky notes and file folders. Others are turning to project management technology, but not finding the right solutions.

Teams may consider lightweight tools such as Trello, Asana or Basecamp. These platforms are excellent places to collaborate and provide status updates. But they don’t scale well to support larger operations and lack important creative-specific features like creative briefs, proofing and integrations with other tools in your creative and marketing stacks.

Another possible solution is more robust traditional project management software. Unfortunately, these platforms tend to be overbuilt for marketing and creative teams and use engineering-specific terminology – all while missing the specialized tools and features (like automated approval routing) critical to creative workflows. As full-scale enterprise solutions, these platforms are costly and take a long time to implement (six-plus months) while complicated interfaces and features make adoption difficult and extend time to value.

Workstream: Put your best work forward, faster.

Workstream, from Webdam, is a creative project management solution that brings order to creative development. It places assets at the center of every action – we know you’re not just managing a project, you’re building representations of your brand. Built specifically for the 75% of marketing and creative teams that don’t have standard review and approval processes, Workstream organizes asset requests, creative briefs, workflows, reviews and approvals for better creative and faster results.

Align your team for clear direction.

When building creative assets, you need tools that ensure your team is set up for success from the start. Workstream does this by allowing you to unify the voices and channel the input of all the people involved in your creative process. Configurable project briefs build consensus and eliminate chaos before work even begins while collaboration tools let you share status updates, assign tasks, discuss asset elements and keep everyone aligned every step of the way.

Increase productivity to dominate deadlines.

As a creative team, it’s important to not just hit deadlines, but stay ahead of them so you can better allocate your people and time. With Workstream, you increase the productivity of your team. Eliminate the rework caused by unclear feedback with precision proofing tools that let you zoom in on and markup 65+ file-types – the most of any creative project management solutions. Workstream also helps you avoid the bottlenecks that arise when waiting for approvals. If someone forgets to approve an asset, Workstream approval paths prompt them to take action or automatically escalates assets to the next reviewer in line.

Build workflows that work for your entire team.

Lastly, Workstream emphasizes transparency and accountability so you can build the processes that work for your team. Assign tasks and receive real-time alerts for current status. Workstream packages everything together to help you create a system of record for tracking and optimizing your creative development processes and resources.

Experience the seamless asset lifecycle.

Together with Webdam and Brand Connect, we’ve constructed a multi-solution platform that supports the entire creative asset lifecycle. From creation to management and distribution, our tools align to accelerate your creative operations, connect your visual content and increase the impact of your creative investments.

If your marketing or creative team struggles to keep pace with demand, meet deadlines and deliver work that “wows,” Workstream can help you master the creative process to create your best work yet.

Watch the video to learn how to get on the path to masterful outcomes.