Blog | March 21, 2011

Introducing Asset Expiration: Digital Asset Management for Rights Managed Images

by Jody Vandergriff in Digital Asset Management

It is no secret that marketing and communication teams often purchase images from stock websites such as Getty and Corbis.  But what may surprise you is that not all purchased images can be freely used.  Images are often purchased under a rights managed license which specifies how an image can be used and for what length of time.  Although this information is critical, it is often lost as the image gets handed from designer, to marketing to web team, eventually creeping back into a campaign years later.  Webdam is now here to help prevent this type of infringement.  Introducing Asset Expiration.


  • Protect yourself against accidental copyright infringement.
  • Manage asset expiration information from within your digital asset management.
  • Save time by automatically deactivating expired assets.
  • Keep on top of expiring assets through automatic notifications.

How it works:

  • Set expiration date and relevant notes at the asset level.
  • Automatically deactivate assets once expired.
  • Receive automatic notifications before expiration and once expired.
  • Easily filter search results by expiration date.

Asset expiration isn’t just for photos!  All files within Webdam can be given an expiration date!

Webdam users, we want to hear from you!  Asset expiration was added to Webdam based on your feedback and comments.  Now tell us how you use it!  If you have a story to tell about how asset expiration is critical to your business, comment in our blog!