Blog | April 2, 2015

How to Engage All Brand Advocates with Brand Connect

by Leigh Ann Ledford in Digital Asset Management

Your logo. Your fonts. Your visuals and color palettes. Everything about your brand needs to be effectively communicated with all of your employees, partners, agencies and stakeholders. When your Brand Connect homepage is the first place they go to find the latest brand guidelines and materials, it’s important to make it beautiful, but to also convey useful information.

Let’s look at how to create a visually engaging homepage in Brand Connect that not only promotes brand management tips and guidelines, but also shows the latest campaigns.

The retail brand example below showcases featured images, brand guidelines—logos, typography, color palettes, approved images—the latest campaigns for spring, among other approved campaigns.

Let’s start with the featured image slider. We’ve included instructions below on how to add it to your homepage.

Brand Connect homepage

1) From the Brand Connect settings in Webdam, select the “brand portal” you wish to configure.

Select Brand Portal

2) From the window that appears, select “homepage” to configure the homepage for that brand portal.

select homepage

3) Then the blank homepage will open.

4) From the homepage, click the “+” box on the right side to open the options menu.

Add widget

5) From the options menu you’ll see several widgets: image slider, lightbox, folder and brand guidelines. Start dragging and dropping the widgets you wish to use into the interface.

Add more widgets

6) Add the “image slider” widget and then select “+Add Images.”

Add image slider

7) This will open the “asset chooser,” where you can make your selection of digital assets.

Asset chooser

8) Once you’ve selected your digital assets, click “insert,” to add the digital assets to the slider.

Now you’re well on your way to create engaging brand portals in Brand Connect. Here are more details about what the Brand Connect features do.

Image Slider (rotates images)

  • Keeps user engaged with rotating images
  • Images can be selected from any folder

Folder Widget (web-based folder to organize files)

  • Automatically updates images on the homepage as you add more content to that folder
  • Displays the latest content for users

Lightbox (a way to group images and files)

  • Provides additional control over what is shown on the homepage
  • Content can be added or removed from a lightbox without impacting other parts of the system

Brand Guidelines

  • Puts important information around brand communications front and center
  • Encourages users to review before they produce content

If you’ve already started playing around with Brand Connect, share with us how you created your homepage to engage all of your employees and brand advocates.