Blog | October 16, 2014

[Infographic] How Creative Collaboration Has Evolved Over Time

by Melissa Kelly in Creative Workflow

Today, creatives are producing more content and designs than ever before. With the rise of social media, mobile devices and the digital experience, creatives have to work smart to create designs that will truly stand-out. To do this, new technologies and innovations are being used for creative collaboration.

So as creatives look towards 2015 and beyond, it’s essential to be aware of the trends and tools that are being developed and discovered. Creative collaboration as we know it today has evolved over many decades. From the days of mailing physical copies of artwork to the evolution of e-mail and the cloud, knowing what’s ahead will prepare you for the future.

In this infographic we’ve gathered important milestones that have shaped creative collaboration and included statistics that will help us understand what we can expect in 2015 onwards.

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In this infographic, you’ll learn…

  • In 2014, an estimated 20-30 million people ___________ at least once a week – with anytime, anywhere access to files.
  • In 2015, 70+% of organization use __________ for sharing and collaboration as part of everyday workflows.
  • In 2017, business units, including marketing and creative teams, are expected to spend $235 billion dollars on ____________.

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