Blog | May 9, 2018

Fitting Creatives With Creative Briefs at HOW Design Live 2018

by Samantha Taylor in Events

HOW Design Live is the conference to attend if you’re looking to build a fulfilling and successful creative career. This year’s event took place in Boston. It brought together over 4,000 creative professionals together for a week of learning, workshops, networking, creating and, of course, parties.

The exhibition hall was filled with amazing booth activations and swag. There was a t-shirt screen printing pop-up shop, a professional headshot service and even a journaling wall. However, the one thing we know everyone really needs are good creative briefs – and we supplied a buttload of them.

A Brief Moment of Popularity

We attended HOW to share information about Workstream, our creative workflow solution. Creative briefs are one of its key strengths. The secret to on-time delivery of a great project is how it starts out. For creatives, this means a great brief that provides all the information they need to get going.

With an intimate understanding of how important they are, we made sure to share great briefs with as many attendees as possible. Our “creative briefs” were a hit with everyone who visited our booth. In fact, we were briefly the most popular kids in town.

In addition to handing out briefs, we learned a lot about the needs of creative teams. Many of you are still using bloated project management tools that simply weren’t built for the creative process. Or even worse, no tools or processes at all.

For many of the attendees we spoke with, Workstream has the right capabilities for their needs and is a platform that’s just the right size. This reinforced that there is more work to be done to ensure more of you are aware of the ways Workstream can help you get more done, faster.

Briefing the Next Generation

Another great moment at HOW was seeing the faces of the high school students who were sponsored to attend. This next generation of talent is brimming with great ideas and new ways to help brands, both large and small, come to life. And just as the next generation of talent is rising, the next generation of creative workflow management tools is too. Click the button below to learn more about mastering creative workflows, and when you’re ready, contact us to see how Workstream can help.