Blog | December 19, 2016

First-Class Connection: Webdam and Percolate Integration

by Samantha Taylor in Digital Asset Management

The airline business has evolved into one of the world’s most competitive industries. Operating on tight margins and dealing with price-conscious consumers, marketing teams working for these companies have to come up with creative ways to consistently capture new business. For one of our airline customers, this meant a constant sprint to push out new content, promote special fares, advertise loyalty programs and take the steps needed to stay top-of-mind with travelers.

One hitch that slowed things down was the gap between two of their most-used platforms – Webdam for digital asset management and Percolate for campaign management. The marketing team had to search for and download assets from Webdam, save them locally and then upload them into Percolate. The extra clicks and steps were getting in the way.

Understanding that both Webdam and Percolate had APIs that could bridge the two applications, our customer brought us together to build a custom integration. The team wanted to eliminate the manual steps required to move assets from one system to another – one of the rare instances where “cutting corners” is a good thing. The frequent-flying marketers also wanted to maintain control over embargoed, time-sensitive promotional assets to keep promotions like special fares from being released early.


The Webdam professional services team worked closely with developers at Percolate to close the gap. Our APIs were used to create a connection that allowed users to search for, download and distribute assets stored in Webdam from within Percolate. This integration made for a frictionless campaign process and dramatically faster creative cycles.

While this integration creates a more seamless workflow, it also maintains the controls and restrictions placed on assets within their DAM. Users can only see and utilize content they have permissions for – a critical step in safeguarding sensitive campaigns such as fare or bonus-miles promotions. Managers can rest easy knowing content embargoes remain in place to prevent information from leaking early.


Thanks to a couple of APIs that don’t mind sharing, Percolate and Webdam created a connection that proved critical to our customer’s success. It’s just one of a growing number of integrations that accelerate our customers’ marketing operations. If you’re a Webdam customer looking to get your DAM and another application in the same groove, give a shout to your customer success manager to see how Webdam can help.