Blog | August 2, 2012

DreamSimplicity Reviews Digital Asset Management Software

by Melissa Kelly in Digital Asset Management, Webdam Updates

Webdam Solutions is thrilled to have gotten a stellar review from DreamSimplicity, an online networking community where professionals in the cloud industry come together to interact. DreamSimplicity wanted to provide their audience with more information about the leading cloud-based digital asset management software, so they decided to get a full tour of Webdam and report back to the cloud community.

The Dream Simplicity Team discussed many great benefits of Webdam including:

  • Web-Based Platform: A solution built in the cloud for the cloud, gives you convenient online access to easily share and distribute digital assets with your team.
  • Master Digital Library: Having an organized central location to store all of your digital files makes repurposing marketing collateral easy, saving valuable time.
  • Digital Asset Categorization and Search: Advanced search capabilities and full metadata management makes getting what you need, exactly when you need it, fast and easy.
  • Full Lifecycle Management: From the creation to reuse of an asset, Webdam streamlines workflows with all of the necessary tools like version control, comments, alerts, and notifications.
  • Great Usability: A lightweight and easy to use solution gives customers a great overall experience, especially with the added membership to, an exclusive online community where customers can get help and share ideas.

“Webdam is the leader in digital asset management because of its ease of use. Webdam Solutions makes customer feedback and platform usability a top priority.”

– DreamSimplicity

Read the full review on DreamSimplicity here: “Business Application Review: DAM Solution Webdam”
(EDIT: As of Oct 2013 The DreamSimplicity site no longer exists)

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