Blog | May 10, 2011

What’s New in Webdam: Download Request

by Jody Vandergriff in Webdam Updates

A powerful component of digital asset management is controlling who and when your digital assets are used. With Webdam, the system administrator has the ability to control this through setting up different permission levels for users and user groups. The administrator manages who can download and who can only view an asset. We are excited to announce an enhancement to this function…the download request feature!

With the new download request feature, administrators no longer have to choose between giving their users the ability to download or only view an asset. Now, they can alternatively choose to give users an opportunity to request a download right from the system!

download request for digital asset management

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  • Added protection and control over assets
  • Saves time and needless emailing of assets
  • Automatic email notifications for download requests
  • Easy to approve or decline requests from the Request Manager

manage requests for digital assets

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How it Works:

  • Enable download requests in your Global Preferences on the Downloads tab.
  • Users without permission to download (view-only users) will now see a button on the Asset Preview page to Request Download.
  • The system administrator will receive an email with notification of the request and a link to the Request Manager.
  • From the Request Manager, all requests are displayed with an option to approve or deny.
  • Upon approval, the requester will receive an email notification with a download invite for the appropriate asset.

Need advanced control over requests? Webdam also provides the ability to enable requests at the folder level including the ability to specify who should receive download requests for each folder!

Webdam is listening. This feature was developed based on customer feedback. Tell us what you think by commenting in our blog.