Blog | May 22, 2012

Webdam Dominates Digital Asset Management in Higher Edu

by rselvey in Webdam Updates

University marketing and communication teams allocate more time and resources towards digital marketing these days.  Schools are creating more visual content than ever before, especially with the exponential growth of online channels.  Attracting prospective students, keeping students engaged, communicating with alumni, and showcasing athletic events requires an abundant amount of rich media files.  With all of this stuff, institutions continue to select Webdam as the best solution to successfully manage, centralize, store, and distribute their pictures, videos, and other creative materials.

Originally created in the cloud for higher education, Webdam is a leading web-based digital asset management solution used by hundreds of thousands of professionals.  Getting to the top was no easy task.  It takes a lot of expertise, support, feedback, and innovation, but Webdam continues to deliver.  Taking the higher education market by storm, Webdam is proud to announce record breaking numbers for 2012 Q2, which isn’t even done yet!  We’ve more than doubled our higher education customer base since 2010 and we’re not slowing down.

Already well-known, many universities choose cloud solutions in order to lighten the load for their overburdened IT departments.  As a cloud-based turn-key solution, Webdam allows universities to move quickly and painlessly into a state-of-the-art media management machine!  Marketers gain full control and accessibility of their assets, which eliminates bottlenecks around image requests, search, sharing, and collaboration.

“This is a DAM excellent product and is supported by a fantastic, responsive staff.  This system has everything we were looking for in a digital asset management solution.” – Miami University

It’s important to understand the unique workflows and challenges that higher education professionals face.  Webdam alleviates a lot of different pain points felt in a variety of departments like marketing, communications, creative, and media relations.  University clients also use Webdam for the public availability and distribution of their photos and marketing assets.

“Webdam, a cloud solution founded in 2005, has found considerable success with the higher education market” said Forrester in the most recent DAM Wave Report.

Our extensive customer list speaks for itself with many distinguished schools.  Some of our customers include Stanford University, USC, John Hopkins, Case Western Reserve University, University of Washington, UCLA and much more!

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