Blog | April 17, 2012

DAM Tweet Jam—The Evolution of Digital Asset Management

by Melissa Kelly in Digital Asset Management

Now more than ever, digital asset management is focusing on the service part of Software-as-a-Service.  Of course it’s important to have incredibly built software behind your DAM, but the solution that stands out is the one that revolves around the customer experience.  This is a great point of discussion…

Presenting the Panelists

This idea is central to Webdam and will be a theme to the DAM Tweet Jam for April.  CMSWire is hosting this event on Twitter and compiled a panel full of industry experts.  The panel includes our very own Jody Vandergriff, Cofounder and Ron Selvey, Director of Marketing.  As a DAM community leader, Webdam is ecstatic to have two of our in-house experts participating.  Some of the other experts alongside them include Anjali Yakkundi at Forrester, Irina Guseva at Real Story Group and John Horodyski at DAM Education.  With this group, it is sure to be a very insightful conversation.

Tweet Jam Topics

The panelists will comment on the DAM Tweet Jam topics for the event.  We will hear their views and opinions on their present definition of DAM, core elements of DAM strategy, 3 keys to DAM success, how DAM and CXM/WEM relate, and the biggest DAM opportunity in 2012.

Info on how to Join the Tweet Jam

Join us for this event on Wednesday, April 18 on Twitter at 10am PDT / 1pm EST.  To read the live discussion, just enter the Twitter hashtag “#CXMChat” in the search and follow the feed.  Everyone is free to participate, just use your twitter account and include #CXMChat in your questions or and responses.

Here is more information about the CMSWire DAM Tweet Jam:

CMSWire’s April DAM Tweet Jam: Meet Our Panelists #CXMChat

We hope to tweet you there!