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DAM March Mania — Webdam Shoots and Scores

by bmcguire in Digital Asset Management, Webdam Updates

YAY!!! The madness in March is upon us. We’re excited to have 15 university customers participating in the National Collegiate Championship this season. For those of you who are not familiar with the Basketball Tournament, it’s when college basketball enters the crazy sprint of single-elimination games for a chance to win the National Championship. We want our customers to know that Webdam is passionately rooting for them from all over the country. Good luck!

Notably the DAM Most Valuable Player in Higher Education, Webdam continues to be the #1 top pick by marketing communication teams for managing images, videos, graphics, and marketing collateral.


During exciting events, graphics and pictures are pouring in from school photographers, freelancers, and other various sources. It’s the perfect storm that influences higher education professionals to evaluate and modernize their team’s marketing efforts and workflows. With all of the craziness going on with digital file growth, forward-thinking institutions are actively creating more efficiency by deploying Webdam. Webdam helps schools free up time so they can focus their attention on what matters most, like campaigns and media relations around the tournament bracket or other college promotions. Teams don’t want to waste time handling image requests, searching for assets, figuring out how to share files, managing versions of materials, who has what, etc., etc. When the image requests start piling up from college sports websites, reporters and others, who is making sure those requests get fulfilled — and how much time does it take?

Universities have a pressing need for digital asset management. In fact, our studies prove that Universities produce 3 times the amount of images and marketing collateral compared to Fortune 500 organizations. The explosion of digital media today coupled with the need to archive collateral from decades of history makes Webdam the Holy Grail for departments — especially those with limited resources. Universities use Webdam to centralize, organize, store, and distribute their digital media. Handling image requests becomes a breeze. Challenges with brand management and handling unique copyright and usage restrictions are immediately resolved. We feel privileged to help so many colleges satisfy their unique digital media needs. It’s an honor to put you at the forefront of cutting edge technology and be your cheerleader for success.


In the past few months Webdam welcomed 15 new university customers…

These include Cal State Fullerton, UC San Francisco, UC San Diego, University of Nebraska and many more. They join Webdam’s large customer community of prestigious schools across the nation including, UC Davis, Johns Hopkins University, Case Western Reserve University, University of Texas, UC Santa Cruz, UC Merced, University of Connecticut, Harvey Mudd University, Houston Community College System, Wake Forest University, Holland College, and dozens more. And today, we’re wishing the best to our customers participating in the basketball madness including: UC Berkley, University of Arizona, UCLA, Marquette University, Davidson College, St. Mary’s College of CA, St. Leo University, University of Washington, University of Maryland, DePaul University, Penn State, Bentley University, University of San Diego, Miami University and countless others. We wish our wonderful customers great success during March! We are rooting for you!!!

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