Blog | January 25, 2012

DAM Integration at its Best —Webdam API Now Available!

by rselvey in Webdam Updates

Get ready to fall in love with DAM all over again, because now your Webdam can actually talk to other apps and do so much more.  Webdam, the digital asset management leader in the cloud, has marketing and creative teams from all over the world thrilled to hear about the public release of our REST API.

If you haven’t noticed, we have been setting the stage blog after blog with topics about DAM integration and APIs. We know some of you picked up the scent and had a hunch on what was coming. Well, dessert is ready —our API is finally here and ready to be consumed by all you tasty developers and savvy customers.

Our application programming interface (API) provides an easy way for developers to securely connect your Webdam to other business applications and processes.  Wish you could be in your CMS and pull photos straight from your Webdam?  Want to route sales enablement documents right to your CRM?  Dying to automate Webdam uploads to your website?  If you’ve answered “Yes!” to any of these questions then today is your lucky day because now DAM integration has no limits.

Many organizations including Box, The American College of Physicians,, United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), among others have already benefited from the REST API by having Webdam integrated with third-party applications to create automated environments. These players saw that saving time, energy, and money were determining factors for DAM integration and even requested access before this public release.   And now, anyone can get access to the Webdam API. We’re excited to see how far developers take it and what types of integrations users will want.  With the REST API, customers can create even more convenient and efficient business workflows. Digital asset management has never been better!

To read the official press release, go here:

To check out the REST API documentation and other API resources, go here: