Blog | July 17, 2013

Now Available: Webinar On New Intuitive Analytics, UI, WCMS & More!

by Leigh Ann Ledford in Digital Asset Management, Events, Webdam Updates

Our latest webinar recording is now available!  Watch the webinar to get an insightful overview and training on the newest features in Webdam.  Learn how to increase visibility in your DAM with new analytics, create custom pages with the new integrated Web CMS, automatically convert videos with the enhanced multimedia module, and more — all on a redesigned admin interface.

During the live webinar, we received a large volume of questions and have all the questions and answers below.  If you have more questions about this new release, best practices in DAM, Webdam, or anything else, feel free to leave a comment below.

Webinar Recording

Webinar Questions and Answers

Q: A sorting question: Are the sorts sticky?  Meaning, how do you sort folders from the new admin interface so that they are retained in the Brand Portal?

At this point in time, you will need to exit Beta to control the sort order in the Brand Portal. Full instructions on how to sort assets in the traditional interface are available at – Sorting/Reordering Assets.

Q: Is there control key functionality in editing metadata as well as shift key, in order to select non-contiguous assets?

Yes! On a PC, you can select multiple assets outside of a range by holding down CTRL while making your selections. On a Mac, hold down CMD (or Apple key) while making your selections.

Q: Can you discuss how the batch captioning feature has changed? Thank you.

Batch editing in the new UX has never been easier! You can select any assets displayed on your screen, including search results. Once you have made your selections, click on the Edit Metadata option in the top navigation panel. This will pop open the batch-editing tool. You can then click on any one of your assets to view existing metadata. To add or edit metadata across all assets in the set, simply make your additions or edits in the appropriate metadata field, choose “Apply to All” and use the toggle to indicate whether or not the metadata should be appended or replaced and click “Save.” For more detailed instructions along with screen shots, please check out: –  Edit Asset Metadata.

Q: Can you have newly created folders automatically sort alphabetically?

In the new UX, you can configure your individual viewing preferences to sort folders in a way the meets your needs. Step-by-step instructions for doing this are available at – Sort Folders.

To sort how folders appear in the brand portal, you will need to exit Beta. Instructions on changing the sort order in the brand portal are available at – Sorting/Reordering Folders.

Q: Is the keyword taxonomy an auto-fill now or does it still populate a list to check-box?

The functionality for the keyword taxonomy has not changed. You can apply keywords using the checkboxes. We will be making enhancements regarding how keywords are added to assets in the future. Please stay tuned on for information on future releases.

Q: Can you in-line edit sub-keywords like the main keywords?

Yes, absolutely! Simply double-click on the sub-keyword you wish to edit. You can also right-click and choose edit from the menu that appears.

Q: Do you get notifications for downloads that need to be approved?

Yes, you will be notified of download requests. These notifications are sent to the admin or assigned contributor as an email and instant notification alert.

Q: Are there other options, other than flash, that the new smart player supports for iOS users?

Absolutely!  The new multi-media module supports HTML5 for playing on iOS.  It auto detects your OS.

Q: Can you still sort by the date the account was created?

Definitely! On the manage users page, click on the display options in the top panel navigation to make sure the Account Created field is enabled. You can then click on the header to easily sort the data.

Q: Are you able to add metadata to folders?

You can apply metadata to all assets in a folder, but not the folder itself. To add metadata in batch, click into the folder, then select all assets and use the batch editing tool available in the top navigation panel. For more details on using the batch editing tool, click here: – Edit Asset Metadata.

Q: Can you message multiple groups?

Yes, from the Groups page, click on the send message icon in the top panel navigation and simply choose your groups!

Q: Is the new design still limited to contributors and admins with this roll out? If so, when is the new design expected to be available to our end users?

The New Webdam is currently available to contributors and admins only. In the next few months, we are planning to continue with more updates and new features and will roll the New Webdam out to all users.

Q: Can I see my diskspace usage by folder?

This is planned for an upcoming release with reporting enhancements, but currently is not available. Please stay tuned on for information on future releases.

Q: Will my current permissions, users, groups migrate over to the new release?

Absolutely! The migration of all existing settings including groups, permissions, and users will be automatic. You do not need to do anything.

Q: Will new version support IPTC Extension (especially model and property release fields)?

We have those enhancements to the supported standards coming in a follow-up release. It is not currently available.

Q: Can I export my keywords list?

Yes, from the Keywords tab in the Metadata section, there is an option to export your existing list.

Q: Can you import a hierarchical keyword list? What format is used for the keyword catalog export?

Yes, you can import and export the keyword lists. The format used is tab separated, similar to bridge. Full instructions including a downloadable template you can work from is available here: – Keyword Taxonomy.

Q: With Batch metadata, when is metadata written back to the assets? Immediately after writing, or do you have to go and manually trigger that? 

You do not need to do anything special to trigger the writing of metadata, whether editing metadata on individual assets or to assets in batch. The metadata is written and embedded to the files automatically. Because it is embedded, when the file is downloaded, the metadata written in Webdam stays with the file!

Q: Are the custom metadata fields that written back to the assets in Webdam?

Yes, the custom metadata fields used in Webdam are supported by XMP and will be embedded into your files.

Q: Is it possible to select a keyword and NOT have the parent keyword in the hierarchy auto selected?

Yes, there is an option in the keyword tool which will allow you to disable the automatic inclusion of parent keywords.

Q: Can metadata batch edit be done on search results or only in the same folder?

Yes! To do this, select the assets you wish to edit and use the batch editing tool available in the top navigation panel. For more details on using the batch editing tool, click here: – Edit Asset Metadata.

Q: If we have content in a metadata field and deactivate the field, is the content retained?

Yes, disable a metadata field will never remove metadata from your files. Disabling a field simply means that the metadata will not be shown. If you reactive the metadata field, the metadata will automatically be shown again.

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