Blog | April 1, 2015

Customer Story of the Week – How Lutronic Teams Find Brand Materials More Efficiently

by Emilie Doolittle in Digital Asset Management

Lutronic is one of the world’s largest aesthetic medical device companies. Established over 17 years ago, the company pioneered the use of lasers and patented technology in hospitals and offices around the world. Today, the rapidly growing brand has offices in the United States, Korea, China, Japan, and Europe.

As the company grew and expanded over the years, it needed a simple way to manage an increasing number of digital assets and maintain the consistency of its brand worldwide.

The Need for Digital Asset Management

In 2012, Lutronic began making improvements to the way it stored and distributed marketing files and images. The company’s previous system was disorganized and difficult for staff members and distributors to use. Lutronic decided to create a central repository for all of its media files and began searching for a digital asset management (DAM) system that could handle the task.

An intuitive user interface was the company’s first priority for its DAM platform. Lutronic wanted a system that employees and contributors could use immediately, without requiring extensive training or complicated user manuals.

“If users are not comfortable with the system, they won’t keep contributing to it nor keep it up to date,” said Bill Lightfoot, Senior Manager of Global Web Management for Lutronic.

With an international workforce, the company also needed a solution with multi-lingual support. Webdam was one of the only systems that met Lutronic’s requirement for out-of-the-box, multi-lingual functionality. In addition to multi-lingual capabilities and an intuitive user interface, Lutronic chose Webdam for its scalability, security, and performance.

A Simple Brand Management Solution

Lutronic implemented Webdam to create a single repository for its digital assets. The company’s administrators developed a folder structure and established permission levels for different users. Webdam provided a customer success manager, who simplified the deployment each step of the way. With little training, the company’s users easily adopted the new system and IT support requests dropped immediately.

Since Lutronic began using Webdam, the company’s employees have been able to find and access files more efficiently. Marketing and sales staff use Webdam to easily access the most current versions of images, logos, brochures, and presentations, which helps to Lutronic to maintain consistency in its branding worldwide. Human resources and operational teams use Webdam to distribute internal documents. And teams across departments are seeing faster and more productive workflows.

How can DAM help you?

Your company may struggle with some of the same challenges Lutronic once did – managing a growing number of digital assets, finding a DAM solution that’s easy for employees to use, and ensuring that employees working in multiple locations have access to the most current versions of assets. To learn more about Lutronic’s story and how Webdam can help your company improve asset management and brand consistency, download the case study.