Blog | November 17, 2016

Crop It Like It’s Hot

by Trey Clark in Brand Management, Creative Workflow

Images are rarely ready for publishing in their original state. The aspect ratio is off, the subject is too centered, the drama needs focus. Time to download, edit in Photoshop, save a new version to your hard drive and upload back to your DAM, right?

Nope. Now you can crop right there in Webdam.

You may have noticed a trend in recent Webdam features: They save you steps, and they save you time. Following that trend, the Webdam crop tool eliminates the need to download and open in Photoshop to crop images. And that saves you time.

Then there are the people who don’t have Photoshop and typically send files off to a designer to get the work done. They – and the designers they request help from – save a TON of time.

Need advanced cropping? We got you. You can specify width and height to your needs and then move the crop box to the perfect spot. Lock the aspect ratio, zoom in, zoom out and, if it all goes wrong, click the reset button to start over.

Need to crop out happy hour drinks for a recruiting photo? Of course you do.

The cropping tool also work in tandem with the preset function, so you can add a watermark, change the file type, choose the resolution and select the color space – and preview how everything works together before downloading.

One more crucial time-saving feature: Users who contribute content to the DAM only have to upload one version of an image. The people grabbing content can use cropping presets to modify assets and download the version they need.

So if you like things that are easy to use and help you work faster, you’re going to love cropping in Webdam.

Oh, one last time saver: you don’t have to do anything to install the cropping feature. It’s ready to use in your account right now – read the directions here.