Blog | June 1, 2016

More Creative, Less Process

by Mike Waite in Brand Management, Creative Workflow

The Creative Director’s Guide to DAM

Beautiful design requires time and clear head space. But the avalanche of creative demands in our modern digital world means creatives struggle to find uninterrupted time to zone out and hone in.

This isn’t a temporary issue, either – the spotlight on design is only shining brighter. Traditional needs like packaging and advertising aren’t going anywhere, while new and evolving touchpoints like web experiences and social media keep adding to the design queue.

In most walks of life, increasing demand like this is matched by increasingly sophisticated technology. But, in this case, the tools really haven’t kept pace. Designers have been working with the same digital toolset for years – they’re just working harder and longer to keep up.

Digital asset management (DAM) technology is helping creative teams operate at the pace digital marketing demands. Originally created as a repository for finished images, designs and other creative assets, DAM now functions as the foundation for a modern and streamlined creative workflow.

This guide introduces new capabilities and describes how creative directors, graphic designers, art directors and other creative professionals are using digital asset management to remove some of the hazards on the road to creative bliss.

Download our free guide to learn how DAM corrects this by serving as a hub for creative operations:

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