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Feature in Focus: Controlled Vocabulary


Keywording images can take on many forms. For instance, keywords can be used to describe objects, emotions or even time. What’s more, keywording is a very subjective task and can differ greatly from person to person. So how do you ensure consistency in your keywording efforts? By utilizing a predefined set of terms, called a Controlled Vocabulary.

WebDAM supports the use of a controlled vocabulary to facilitate keywording in a consistent manner. For many organizations, the controlled vocabulary is often custom created to include words such as product names or industry-specific terms. For others, such as stock agencies, it makes sense to purchase a standard controlled vocabulary which includes broader terms such as man, woman, office, child. Whatever the source, WebDAM fully supports it in several ways:

For the Administrator: Through the web-based administrator tools, a controlled vocabulary can be imported, managed, and enabled to provide an easy mechanism for selecting terms to keyword your assets. This time-saving feature ensures consistency and uniformity in keywording across your database.

For the User: WebDAM also integrates the controlled vocabulary within the search capabilities so users have the added benefit of selecting terms rather than typing. This approach eliminates user frustration from searching terms that do not exist in the database. Users find what they need faster and easier.

Creating a controlled vocabulary for use in WebDAM takes just a matter of minutes once you have determined which terms you would like to include. A simple text file, one word per line, is all you need to get started!

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