Blog | April 20, 2012

CMSWire Tweet Jam Recap — DAM Floods Twitter

by Melissa Kelly in Digital Asset Management

In the latest Tweet Jam hosted by CMSWire, our very own Jody Vandergriff and Ron Selvey participated in a DAM panel of experts.  It was a very insightful and spirited discussion amongst the thought leaders in the industry—all sharing opinions about the evolving role of Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Customer Experience Management (CXM).  The Tweet Jam included several DAM vendors, along with distinguished members in the DAM and CXM industry, such as John Horodyski of DAM Education, Anjali Yakkundi of Forrester, Irina Guseva of Real Story Group, and Greg Klebus of Adobe.

Through Twitter, thought leaders were discussing a variety of imperative questions outlined by CMSWire. And I must say, kudos to CMSWire for professionally organizing this event. To highlight some of the great insights shared, we have published a recap of a few questions and responses.

Q1.  Given how digital we are, what is your current definition of DAM?

“Set of processes and technology for the management, distribution and delivery of rich media assets.”-Jody Vandergriff‏ (@jodyvandergriff)

“def. of DAM in digital world hasn’t changed, the tactics and strategies have. it’s still all about managing rich media wisely” -Irina Guseva (@irina_guseva)

“Software that enables the production, management, distribution, & retention of rich media assets”
-Anjali Yakkundi‏ (@AYakkundi)

“DAM for Creatives is the platform for managing creative workflows and bridging the gaps between creative & marketing teams” -Greg Klebus (@gklebus)

“DAM for Digital Marketers is the hub of brand strategy and multi-channel brand experience.” -Greg Klebus ‏ (@gklebus)

Q2.  What are the core elements of a DAM strategy?

“1. Participation (no more desktop), 2. Discoverability (easy to find), 3. Distribution (deploy in all channels) -David Hillis (@davidhillis)

“DAM is not just about technology. DAM is technology + best practices + amazing support + processes.” – Ron Selvey (@rselvey)

“Define statement/goals, needs analysis, system/process design, implementation, training, user nurturing, analytics.” – Jody Vandergriff (@jodyvandergriff)

“Strong workflow, strong search, integration with other technologies (DAM won’t be a silo for much longer)” – Anjali Yakkundi  (@AYakkundi)

“DAM is not restricted to a piece of software or technology. Involves reviews of business processes & change management”- Jan Dejosse (@goegejosd)

Q3.  What 3 things make a DAM solution successful?

“User adoption, user adoption, USER ADOPTION!” -Jody Vandergriff  (@jodyvandergriff)

“Bridge the gap between IT and marketing! DAM isn’t just an IT or just a marketing initiative” – Anjali Yakkundi ‏ (@AYakkundi)

“a DAM solution is successful when it fits the purpose, and facilitates people+process flow” -Irina Guseva (@irina_guseva)

“Solution Success – a DAM that is scalable and flexible for business needs” – John Horodyski (@jhorodyski)

“Executive support, clear metrics for success, user adoption, good metadata model accessible to users in ways they need” – Joshya Duhl (@jduhl)

Q4.  How do DAM and CXM/WEM currently relate?

“DAM provides opportunity to enable contextual relevance in assets served to the web — thus improving the customer experience.” – Ron Selvey (@rselvey)

“Rich media drives engagement and customer experience. DAM provides the controls to maximize this engagement across channels.” -Jody Vandergriff  (@jodyvandergriff)

“DAM is grossly overlooked, underutilized under the current CXM/WEM umbrella, huge area for biz opportunity and maturity -Irina Guseva (@irina_guseva)

“DAM provides CXM management capabilities (to contextually transform content across channels and manage this content)” – Anjali Yakkundi ‏ (@AYakkundi)

“Mix analytics, data driven mechanisms for delivering DAM images to the web/end user, you’ll find gold.” – Ron Selvey (@rselvey)

Q5.  What is the single biggest DAM opportunity in 2012?

“DAM 2012 Opportunity – DAM as a practice and profession is maturing – we need best practices and standards to help DAM mature” – John Horodyski (@jhorodyski)

“single biggest DAM opportunity in 2012: integrations to fulfill the CXM promise” -Irina Guseva (@irina_guseva)

“So many other opportunities too! Multi-channel engagement and analytics, increased need and adoption across business units.” -Jody Vandergriff  (@jodyvandergriff)

“DAM 2012 Opportunity – DAM is the new black” – John Horodyski (@jhorodyski)

Bonus Question — Who should own the DAM platform? Creatives? IT? Marketing?

“We have seen DAM implemented in traditional marketing workflows to software development needs. Depends on the project scope.”  -Jody Vandergriff  (@jodyvandergriff)

“Depends on the need but with more system-wide integrations, this is likely to move towards IT”  -Jody Vandergriff  (@jodyvandergriff)

“great bonus question. My personal thought is…….drum roll please…..END USERS” – Ron Selvey (@rselvey)

“DAM will live and prosper where the users are and where executive support lives” – John Horodyski (@jhorodyski)

“DAM platform should be easy and fun to use so that users actually want to own it. Marketing + Creative” -Greg Klebus ‏ (@gklebus)

To view the entire CMSWire Tweet Jam and read everyone’s responses, go to #CXMChat or scroll below: