Blog | July 19, 2016

Click, Post, Done: Webdam Plug-In for Hootsuite

by Samantha Taylor in Creative Workflow

Content with relevant images gets 94% more views.

Social media posts accompanied by an image are 10 times more likely to receive engagement.

People retain 65% of what they hear when it’s paired with a relevant image compared to just 10% without the image.

Want your content to get attention, engagement and recall? Simple – use the right image.

But finding the right image isn’t always easy. Content is usually created in one environment, and images are stored and searched somewhere else. The process for finding, uploading and placing images in your social content can turn into an endless game of click chase.

That’s why Webdam teamed up with Hootsuite to make it easy to find just the right image without ever leaving the world’s most widely used platform for managing social media.Blog_Hootsuite_07152016_InfographicHere’s how it works: Compose and schedule social media posts as usual. When it comes time to add images, there’s no longer a need to open up a browser, search through your media library, download the asset (or assets) and upload to Hootsuite. Instead, you simply click the Webdam icon to open up your Webdam asset library within Hootsuite. Search, browse and choose the assets you want right there – no need to download, upload or click back and forth between windows.

All those streamlined processes mean you can zero in on the images that create conversations and leave a lasting impression in much less time – and get to the next thing on your to-do list sooner.

Visit the Hootsuite App Directory and download the app today.