Blog | March 19, 2011

Feature in Focus: Click-on Agreement

by Leigh Ann Ledford in Digital Asset Management, Webdam Updates

In this month’s feature in focus, we will go over some of the benefits of using the click-on agreement feature. This tool can be useful for virtually any business using Webdam for digital asset management. Even if internal users are the only ones downloading your assets, the click-on agreement can be invaluable. Once a user is able to download the asset, they can do whatever they want with it, and often do: email to a third party, use it to print a marketing brochure for major distribution. To the users, this act seems completely harmless. Many people do not know that images have rights and usage terms associated with them. One easy way to combat this haphazard usage is to communicate with your users on how the assets may be used.

With the Webdam click-on agreement, the account administrator can write completely custom terms. Some system administrators prefer a short, general explanation, while others prefer a very detailed, more formal agreement, written and approved by their corporate legal team. It’s up to you. But here a couple of samples to get you started:


“This asset belongs to the University of Digital, and may be used only for educational purposes. It is not for commercial use.”


“This End User License Agreement is a legal agreement between you (in your capacity as an individual and as an agent for your company, institution or other entity) (collectively, “you” or “Licensee”) and The University of Digital. Downloading, displaying, using, or copying of an image by you or by a third party on your behalf indicates your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of the License Agreement. You agree that the image selected by you may be used for noncommercial, educational purposes only; no derivative works are allowed, and attribution and copyright notice is required. Any transfer of the image by you must be for non-commercial purposes: transferred copies are equally subject to the terms of this Agreement. Please provide the following copyright notice on any appearance of a downloaded image: ©University of Digital. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not download, display or use the image.”

Enabling the Click-On Agreement

To enable this feature: From the admin side of the database, go to your gallery preferences and click on the downloads tab. Make sure the enable click-on agreement box is checked and enter your click-on agreement verbiage in the text box.  To format your agreement, enter HTML! Be sure to make your preference selection for whether you want users to be prompted with the click-on agreement box every time or just for the first download. Save and you’re done!