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Chute + Webdam: How to Succeed with User-Generated Content

by Brad Kofoed in Digital Asset Management Chute + Webdam: How to Succeed with User-Generated Content

Since the first merchant offered their first product, the most trusted marketing has been word-of-mouth because people are cognitively biased to put more faith in the opinions of their ingroup partners. That’s great news if your customers are willing to tell their friends about you online. Social media has effectively digitized word-of-mouth marketing.

Happy customers love taking pictures of their purchases and tweeting about cool new features and services.

Our new partner Chute is one of the applications assisting marketers make better use of user-generated content (UGC). They help you find the right UGC for your brand, secure permission to use it and speed up your ability to deploy it. Once you have this valuable content in your marketing quiver, you can use Webdam to manage it as you would any other creative asset.

83 percent trust earned over paid media

UGC is so powerful it can actually outdo your own content. According to a recent Nielsen study, blogs, tweets and Facebook posts are trusted as much as 83% more than any other form of advertising. Chute did their own experiment and found that 74% of millennial travelers preferred user-generated images over the pics created by travel brands.

UGC is Great, but Don’t Screw Up

User-generated content is compelling, but it sometimes it’s tricky to use. Just locating it can be tedious. The web is a big place, so finding the right mentions and images of your brand is its own challenge. Then you often need permission from the creator of the content in order to use it legally.

UGC is Hard to Manage

Some big brands have gotten into trouble by reposting content without giving credit to the creator. Not only is this a bad look, and potentially expensive if lawyers get involved, it costs you a potential influencer and their followers’ support.

When you do manage to secure a usage agreement, it can be a chore to keep tabs on where UGC content lives. It often ends up on a local machine or in a network folder. The metadata, captions and descriptions that make content searchable don’t always migrate with the file.

There’s an Easier Way

Webdam and Chute have teamed up to make it easy to manage your UGC. We’ve developed a simple plug-in so that once you’ve acquired the content, Chute automatically places it in an appropriate area of your DAM with all of the permission agreements attached.

You can add your own metadata or use Webdam’s suggested keywords feature to enhance searchability. Webdam also helps you keep track of those use rights agreements. Chute’s hashtag based licensing agreement means you don’t have to deal with complicated contracts. The agreement is added to the image automatically when it’s stored in the DAM.

Digital Transformation with User-Generated Content

With UGC in Webdam, you have access to all that features that help you get more value and impact from the rest of your marketing assets. With Webdam’s cropping and editing features, you can adjust user-generated photos to the exact size you need and save them as different file types. You can also clip videos to use exactly the bits you need.

Webdam becomes the hub of your marketing stack by connecting UGC to all the applications where it’s used: CMS, marketing automation, social or wherever you need it. It’s the perfect solution for collecting and distributing all of your content, no matter where it’s generated.

To find out more about Webdam + Chute, watch our free webinar, Under the Influencer: Get the Most from User-Generated Content. It features real-world examples of how clients have grown their brands and saved thousands of dollars on content creation.


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