Blog | April 27, 2017

Chase Greatness, Not Assets.

by Samantha Taylor in Webdam Updates Chase Greatness, Not Assets.

When you achieve digital asset management (DAM) greatness, you seamlessly connect your assets with your people and partners to create immaculate brand impact. Webdam is here to help make this happen. We’ve introduced a few new features that let you manage your assets with fewer hassles.

Required Metadata

To ensure the information that matters most to your organization is always provided, we’ve introduced Required Metadata. With Required Metadata, admins choose which fields must be filled-in when a new asset is added to your digital asset management platform. Consistent metadata and asset tagging make every other part of managing your assets easier. It creates a more consistent search and retrieval experience for users while saving you the pain of circling back to add missing metadata at a later date.

It’s now easier to keep your assets organized and searchable without heavy lifting on your part. Enterprise and Professional Edition admins can now enable required metadata fields to ensure assets are uploaded with key information.

Just as we’ve made it easier to ensure content has the right metadata, we’ve made keeping up with changes in your DAM easier as well.

Event Notifications

With Event Notifications, you get near real-time alerts about changes made in your DAM. By connecting Webdam with your Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) or Simple Queue Service (SQS) push messaging, you can send alerts to a number of different software platforms used across your organization. You know almost instantly, either via email, text or notifications in your other programs, when files are uploaded or deleted, or when metadata is updated. When you think about all the systems that can connect to your DAM, this becomes a very powerful tool. For instance, if you have a PIM system that relies on packaging images stored in your DAM, event notifications keep you abreast of changes to these files so you can ensure they’re up to date in your PIM.

Your DAM is at the heart of your marketing stack, so you need to know when things change. Enterprise Edition customers can keep up with changes using event notifications, not micro-management.

Embeddable Downloads

Lastly, the amazing assets stored in your digital asset management platform are meant to create impact beyond your DAM. When you publish links to this content on websites and social media, the last thing you want to do is chase down and replace links every time an asset is updated.

With Embeddable Downloads, you’re able to embed thumbnails and download links that allow users to download assets directly from your DAM – no more hosting files on FTP servers or in content management systems. If a new version of an asset is added, the changes are automatically reflected wherever you’ve embedded the link, such as websites or social media outlets. Customers will see the updated thumbnail image and can download the most recent version. Additionally, you’re able to track where assets are embedded and how many times they’ve been downloaded all from Webdam.

We love to see our customers chase greatness in every aspect of digital marketing, and effective, efficient asset management is a crucial part of the game. These enhancements are a few new ways Webdam is helping to make things easier. To keep up with all the news from Webdam, subscribe to our newsletter.

Note: Some of the previously mentioned features may only be available to select editions of Webdam, contact us to learn more.