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99% Customer Retention – What’s Behind a Number?

For any SaaS/cloud software company, particularly in the B2B/enterprise space, a high customer retention rate is one of the strongest metrics indicating a successful and healthy company. As veterans of the cloud know, acquiring new customers is more costly than retaining existing ones. In fact, a Bain & Co. study... Read More

Seeing The Truth Behind Visual Thinking

Evoking a target emotion through design and messaging is a core focus for marketers and creatives. Design can only be great if people actually have the intended response, whether it be feeling a certain emotion or doing a specific action. The concepts of visual communication have great influence on the... Read More

Top 10 Web Design Tips for 2014

As a designer or creative professional, you understand the importance of keeping up with cutting-edge design trends. You have roughly 3 seconds (usually less) to capture your audience’s attention, so it’s critical to produce eye-catching designs. This year, the surge in smartphone and tablet use, growing influence of social media... Read More

4 Rules for User Experience (UX) Design by Silicon Valley Experts

Silicon Valley is synonymous with innovation, from the mythical HP garage to the remarkable Apple and Google campuses and product launches. What is it about Silicon Valley that drives this success? Companies are turning to user experience design to revolutionize product value, customer happiness, and technology advancement.  They are taking... Read More

Recap of the Henry Stewart Digital Asset Management Conference

The Henry Stewart DAM LA event was a huge success! Media professionals gathered from all over the nation to discuss “The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media”. We had a blast presenting at the event, listening to customer stories, sharing innovations, and interacting with other inspiring speakers. On the... Read More

WebDAM Continues Momentum with Another Record-Breaking Quarter!

WebDAM surpasses expectations and breaks records in the digital asset management industry once again! Just last quarter we announced doubling sales and breaking records and now we’re announcing even greater success. We’re thrilled to have exceeded Q3 sales and revenue goals on top of increasing our year-over-year customer retention rate... Read More

Bringing DAM, CMS and CXM Together

Marketing departments love acronyms, and one that has been buzzing around the web recently is CXM – Customer eXperience Management (yes, the capitalizing of the X instead of the E is very late-90s). With marketing departments searching for ways to define, customize, document, and optimize the customer experience, some technology... Read More

CMSWire Tweet Jam Recap — DAM Floods Twitter

In the latest Tweet Jam hosted by CMSWire, our very own Jody Vandergriff and Ron Selvey participated in a DAM panel of experts.  It was a very insightful and spirited discussion amongst the thought leaders in the industry—all sharing opinions about the evolving role of Digital Asset Management (DAM) and... Read More

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