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How to Have a Top-Notch Campaign Like Elmer’s

It’s a back-to-school or holiday promotion. It’s a release of a new flavor, new color or new package. It’s only available in the U.S. and Europe, or only in certain parts of the U.S. Whatever “it” is, it will require swift distribution of brand materials. Lots of them: product... Read More

Don’t Believe the Hype: It’s Good to Have Options

Choices are generally a good thing. Window or aisle, coffee or tea, cash or credit. Whether it serves a necessity or just a mood, having options is important. That’s why it’s surprising that many DAM vendors are taking an important choice away – removing classic folder structure, forcing everyone to use... Read More

Publish or Perish, Pronto!

The more content and entertainment there is in the world, the scarcer people’s attention becomes. That’s the idea behind the Attention Economy. And based on the amount of content being created nowadays, attention is getting awfully scarce.

Just consider that every minute of every day*:  • Facebook users... Read More

Part 2: The Right Medium for the Right Message

Welcome to part two of The Right Medium for the Right Message. In part one, we talked about the massive changes in the marketing landscape between the broadcast era and our current digital era, then doled out three tips for honing in on your message so you can speak clearly to your audience.... Read More

PR and Content Marketing: The Ringleaders of Reach

You spent countless hours creating that one piece of content that you think will go viral. Then the opposite happens: A few clicks from co-workers, a “like” from your grandma, and then…



No matter how brilliant your content is, it’s only as effective as... Read More

Never Miss a Deadline – 5 Tips for Creating an Effective Editorial Calendar

Whether your content team is 10 people, 20 people, or just one, creating a clear, comprehensive calendar to track the editorial process will make life a lot easier. The editorial process involves many moving parts and tracking it in one place is the only way to hit your deadlines... Read More

Need More Blog Traffic? Your Guide to Content Syndication

This is a guest-contributed post by Amanda Weatherhead, distribution manager at Contently.

With all the hype surrounding social media and native advertising, it’s easy to forget one of the more effective methods of content distribution available: paid content syndication.

Made popular by content discovery platforms like... Read More

Why Evergreen Content is Your Best Bet

Sustainable. Long lasting. Evergreen content is the type of content that is valuable long after the date it was published. This content essentially has no expiration date.

In metaphorical terms, it’s your good old kanteen, not your thin plastic water bottle. It’s your staple pair of jeans, not your... Read More

From Clicks to Conversions – How to Measure Content Marketing

Almost two-thirds of content marketers target buyer personas when creating content. In addition, 69% of marketers use an editorial calendar when creating and curating their content.

Both trends indicate a maturation in content marketing as marketers scale their content marketing practices. However, the best content marketers out there take... Read More

7 Ways to Stay Creative in a Data-Driven World

In the era of big data, marketing can feel a little less creative.

Data is driving more marketing decisions, from when to tweet to which headline is best. Even some of the most creative aspects of marketing, such as website design and blog headlines, are becoming automated. Read More

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