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Metadata Models: What They Are And Why You Need One For Successful DAM [Part 2]

We released a great primer on “What is a metadata model?” earlier this week. The article also thoroughly covered why they’re an important component to a successful digital asset management system. Our special guest contributor, Ralph Windsor, Editor of DAM News, continues the discussion and dives deeper into helpful tips... Read More

Metadata Models: What They Are And Why You Need One For Successful DAM [Part 1]

This week, we’re happy to welcome a special guest blogger – Ralph Windsor, Editor of DAM News and Project Director for Digital Asset Management Consultants, Daydream. On DAM News, Ralph covers everything in the digital asset management industry including trends, opinions, reviews, and of course news. Ralph draws from his... Read More

More Metadata Tricks – Streamline Asset Distribution with Custom Fields

WebDAM is home to a lot of digital assets, but they aren’t just sitting around. They have places to go and things to do, like be featured in amazing galleries of product images for websites like Amazon, Target and BestBuy. Wouldn’t it be great if you could include all the... Read More

Metadata – Use it For More Than Just Search!

We all know that adding metadata in DAM software makes your assets much easier to find. Metadata generally falls into two different categories: administrative information like the photographer’s name, rights information, location, date and time captured, etc., and descriptive information such as “family at the beach,” colors, seasons and other such... Read More

Demystifying Digital Asset Management Jargon

The world of enterprise technology is full of different acronyms, buzz words and industry jargon, and digital asset management is no exception. DAM is such a critical aspect to creative and marketing workflows, but some of the terminology can become confusing. If you’re new to DAM you need a strong... Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #73

Use this time-saving DAM tip and don’t worry too much about setting permissions for nested folders. Tip #73 Save some time when creating new folders. New nested folders in WebDAM inherit the same permissions from the parent folder. Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #72

When looking for assets in your DAM use a few different search tricks for more relevant results. Tip #72 Use the OR operator like “cat or dog” to locate results containing any of your search terms.   Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #71

Follow this DAM best practice to make sure your digital assets are easy to find and organized efficiently. Tip #71 When a folder contains a nested folder, it should not hold loose assets. Instead, create a nested folder consistent with the existing folder structure for those assets.      ... Read More

Now Available: Webinar on New Taxonomy, Metadata & Control Features

Our latest webinar recording is now available for your viewing pleasure.  Watch the webinar and learn how you can tighten the control in your DAM with these key features.  We got a lot of great feedback from our live webinar audience and we hope you enjoy learning about the new... Read More

Understanding The Value Of Web Analytics

Many businesses are just starting to truly understand the real value of analytics when it comes to online marketing and the business user. As an growing industry, the potential of online analytics is continuously evolving thanks to new features and more-detailed reports. At its core, analytics is all about hard... Read More

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